1st time around!!!

1st time around!!!Ok so I'm totally new to this blogging thing, but I need an outlet so here goes. Lately life has been going great I'm recently engaged, for the first time in my life I really like and can move up in my job plus i play the awesome sport of ROLLER DERBY!!! but somethings been missing. ...more

Greek Roots Give "Obey those who rule over you" A Different Perspective

Since we are established and rooted in our freedom in Christ, then let us continue in sober thinking and due diligence.  Let’s not approach scriptures from fear, but like Berean’s, search out the full measure of words while also relying on our Supreme counselor, the Holy Spirit....more

The Importance of Religious Education: My 3 Reasons

Have you ever met a Christian that made you cringe? They are preaching scriptures to you after they just finished gossiping about their co-worker. How about meeting that Muslim who moans when they articulate how horrible it is to be eating pork. Have you ever met the Jew who just couldn’t let you call out Jesus’s name without reminding you there is no “J” in the Hebrew language? What about meeting that Buddhist who has to enlighten you with sayings from Dalai Lama while forcing you to close your eyes and stay quiet? Yes, I know you have met some of these people. I have too.  The problem then becomes us questioning if we do ever decide to practice our faith, will we become like those people who improperly share theirs. Why is practicing our faith so complicated? ...more

Back to Basics...

It had been a while since I went to church. I was planning on going to Mass tonight after I met with my math tutor. She, however, invited me to go with her to a Christian rock concert. The band was called Barlow Girl and she wanted me to go. At first I vacillated and vacillated, and then finally, I caved and went with her. We show up at the church after I head the wrong way on Vista Blvd....and it's huge. It's a massive building. The place is called The Rock and it's really close to my house, oddly enough. But I digress....more

Will the “Real” Feminists Please stand up?

       There is a fine line a woman must walk when running for public office in the United States of America. If she throws herself off-balance more than a few centimeters, the consequences could be detrimental to her campaign. And because women who are running for public office are you know, women, the “hawk eyes” are keen to watch and scrutinize every move they make. Of course I am referring to the media, but I’m also referring to the scrutiny of the American public....more

How To Help Japan and How Not To

  Donate to The Red Cross instead....more

The Separation of Church & Household

Growing up, religion was something like a big deal in our household. Both of my parents were active in the church. My father played the bass in the church’s band and my mother was always the one to help out in the nursery. We belonged to a very strict Pentecostal church and when I look back at it now, I see how people can be turned off by religion. There were so many ‘you can’t do this’ & ‘you can’t do that’ going on in the church. Women couldn’t wear pants, make-up or jewelry. Kids were to be seen and not heard. ...more

I did provide my daughters with something to believe in--themselves. When all is said and ...more