Vegan Lessons from Early Disney Cartoons

My little grandniece, who will turn four later this month, loves to watch cartoons on Netflix when she is visiting us.  Although she has been a video fanatic at least since she was two (I am old enough to remember when cartoons appeared on TV on Saturday mornings only), we encourage her to get involved in other activities as well.  While she visited us over the weekend, she played with the cats, got a good look at the chickens, romped about with the neighbor kids, created things with Play-Doh (the blue and red mashed together for so long that all of her creations are now rendered ...more

The Insanity of Boycotting 'Finding Dory'

A trending topic on Facebook shares a rumor that the newest trailer for Pixar’s Finding Dory includes a lesbian couple.  I was curious, so I watched the trailer.  After chastising myself for inattention, I read an online article so that I’d be able to find the cornerstone moment the next time I watched the trailer.  Sure enough, the second time through, I saw THE SCENE.  Or, more accurately, the blip. ...more
We can all agree the world can be a cruel place. Why not teach our children compassion and ...more

Top 5 Tips for Character Interaction at Disney

One of the highlights of a Disney trip for any child is meeting the characters. Disney offers unique one-on-one opportunities at character meals and there are also lots of opportunities available in the parks as well....more

Magic Kingdom Birthday Party

Magic Kingdom Birthday Party...more

Ultimate Walt Disney World Bucket List

So I did a bucket list on here a couple years back. I have got a good portion of the things checked off the list, but have discovered that without spending a lots of money on dining and resort stays that I really don't have anything to pursue while at the parks. I was not specific enough with my list. I left a lot of things off and have learned so much about the parks in the last 2 years. I have also eliminated some of my roller coaster fears....more

The Low Down on our Disney Detox

See this bunch? ...more

Fast Fast Faster

 I love how a simple picture can evoke so much that words fail to do it justice....more

Napa Rose's Hot Chocolate Recipe

With the days getting darker earlier and our weather changing to rainy, windy, overcast days, I find myself wanting to indulge in hot drinks to get warm. And with showing off some of my scrapbooks that I had done from my Disney trips I came across a few pictures from Napa Rose. In the pictures were my friend and I enjoying mugs of hot chocolate from Napa Rose. Looking at them I was immediately transported back to that trip....more


CURRENTLYWatchingHow to get Away with Murder. After each and every episode, I am left confused! I mean..WHO SHOT ANNALISE??? It could be any of them, seriously.  I think that’s what makes the show so good.  I wouldn’t even put it past Annalise to shoot her damn self.  Just saying.Reading...more