Clever Find - Poachie's Egg Poacher

It’s the little things in life that make us happy, right? Like the perspective of successfully poaching egg without having a nervous breakdown in the making of it (i.e. achieving that elusive balance of having the egg white set and the yolk still runny).And, I mean the real poaching, in boiling water, not the cheating kind with all the chichi non-stick poaching skillets and other similar electric versions. I’m going to buy a specialized skillet just to make my occasional Eggs Benedict? Don’t think so....more

Tweet Tweet Home - Spring is Right Around the Corner

I know, it may seem that I am jumping the gun on spring here, but as I live in SoCal (don’t hate me!), I can tell you that the birds are a-buzzing over here!  I have noticed (and heard) plenty of house finches looking for a place to nes...more

Take the Guesswork out of Drinking and Driving

If you are heading out to any soirées this season, chances are you will have a drink (or two) and feel fine to drive home.  Although the best bet is to trade that glass of bubbly for sparkling water, BACtrack may be ...more

Declutter your local cafe and restaurant experience

Can you get a local restaurant or café to stop using disposables? I recently asked the 3000+ people I "know" on Facebook and Twitter if any of them had successfully gotten an establishment to do just that. In respose, a number of people mentioned restaurants near them that promoted reusables, offered biodedegradable to-go containers, and the like -- but none said that these restaurants had actually made the change due to anything customers said. ...more