It's taken me three tries to write this post on distractions

At work, it is the constant ping from the office communication program, the new email message appearing in the right-hand corner of the screen and the random pop-ins into my cube as I try to write an email or work on a project. At home, it is the faraway comments from family members in another room, the ever-growing list of stuff to do I keep in my head and all the open tabs in my browser window....more

Domestic A.D.D. ...

As I may have mentioned, this is my weekend for Christmas baking. So why did I say to myself, "Get the peanut butter balls made and in the refrigerator to chill, and then take your shower," only to find myself heading to the shower, leaving the makings for peanut butter balls on the kitchen table? Why did that ill-timed bathing then lead to a thorough scrubbing and doctoring of the shower walls and floor, the sinks, and the toilet? (And why am I now blogging about this instead of making the peanut butter balls?)...more

How to start a dance party anywhere.

I have friends who can work to background music. I envy them. My intentions are always good, I line up my sure-to-impact-the-world brilliant ideas, pop in the earbuds, choose a playlist, poise my fingers over the keyboard and…… Sigh. That’s not how it works, is it?We’ve had about 273 dance parties this week. They’ve happened in the kitchen, at my desk, in the car (it’s possible) and while helping a 13 year-old with his social studies homework because SQUIRREL....more

Avoid Being Distracted by Shiny Pennies

A common challenge for business owners and executives is to avoid “tripping over shiny pennies.” What does that mean? It is the attraction and distraction of the newest, latest, greatest shiny object in our path....more

Kraken Distractions

I have an above average amount of hobbies gardening, needlepointing, reading, writing, photography, and cooking. Gardening and cooking serve the larger preoccupation in my life (raising a family) and reading helps my career. Needlepoint and photography are just plain fun. Writing has it's own category---frustrating pipe dream....more
Miss  you and your posts.  And, Happy New Year!!!!more

The Gap Veil

Pouring rain, a pink camo bandaid, and the king of distractions...

Today was baby girl's one month check up at the pediatrician.  Simple enough.  Right?  Wrong.  Add in the biggest rainstorm of the summer and her first shot at the doctor's office (that somehow I either didn't know about or forgot about) and you have a very upsetting visit.  For everyone.  ...more

Camera Equipment and food photography

Today started off alright.  I hauled my old SLR cameras out of  the bedroom closet and did an inspection.  All was still in good working condition.  My only dilemma is the time is takes to get film developed and put on a CD as opposed to spending a lot of money on a new Digital SLR .  Any thoughts?...more

Amusing Searches: Second Most Read Post from Search Engine Traffic

Ignoring the Threat of Distractions The second most read post based on traffic from search engines…drum roll, please…..Driv...more