Stress is harmful to your health. Diva, heal thyself!

I’m reading a book called “The Love Response” by Dr. Eva Selhub. The book is very revealing about the health effects of stress on our bodies. She outlines how most people are living in what she calls, “The Fear Response” mode. This is when you put your body into heightened awareness, which causes cortisol and adrenalin to be delivered to all of your cells and organs....more

Confessions of the Anti Tom Boy

 Before I get extra deep into my blog and me blogging away, let me give you some back ground on me.I am 38 Black Woman, of a very mixed dna mixture, No Kids,never married, but i am dating a great guy and an assistant project manager by day for a construction company. I am a die hard Chicagoan, and an Alumnae of Tuskegee University, a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority *whew that was a mouth full* ...more

was paved by my two oldest sisters. Both of them always new how to dress and Le Chateau seemed ...more

Evan's Diva Contract

  Evan's Diva Contract If you intend to work with me, there are some things that you need to know....more

Event Chair Matrix - Worker Bee to Diva

When it comes to chairing an event in the world of volunteer fundraising, it's no question it takes a certain type of dedicated character who can pull off a successful event. The responsibility of managing committees, budgets, vendors, marketing, and all else in between requires an individual who can demonstrate leadership while being a team player. ...more

Vivanista is the go-to community for philanthropic living and giving. Come visit, let us know if ...more

Don't Rush Your Bow!

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!"  You've worked hard to prepare for your gig.  You've studied your lyrics; understand the emotions behind the words; and have developed your voice so that you can tell your story and not be distracted by vocal challenges.  ...more

Diva Bathroom Make Over

My sister, Lisa, came into town over the weekend. So you know what that means - Project Time!! This time we did a huge make over on my downstairs power bath room. It's been completely ignored and needed some TLC. Here's the before picture. ...more

Ladies that Lounge

Def} Lounge Diva - A woman who knows to be all she can be, starts with taking the best care of you and pampers herself in numerous ways to achieve it. I hope to inspire women the world over to take time out and inspire them with weekly inspirations and ideas to create some calm, balance and so life is that little bit easier. Being a diva is a state of mind, being a Lounge Diva is a way of life. ...more