7 Books to Help You Talk to Your Child about being Biracial

 As a school counselor, I’ve learned that kids in general usually have some sort of identity crisis in middle or in high school. Why add the confusion of who am I (race wise) to that? I’m still working on our book collection, but I put together a review of 7 books that I think are great for talking to your kids about what it means to be biracial. And for those of you who aren’t raising biracial children, these books are good for the classroom, church or even for parents who adopt outside of their race. Here we go… ...more

How Not To Respond To Your Teen Interacially Dating

My beautifully brown daughter (African American) began high school last September. She's been talking about dating, boyfriends, and body piercings. All of which cue the “Psycho” film shower scene music to ring in my head. Because last school year was her first Homecoming, the dances were the focus of many of our talks. She surprised me one evening and announced, “I'm probably not going to this year's dance with a black guy.” She explained there were a host of other cute boys (from different racial backgrounds) she would consider....more

Is Your Teen At Risk for Homophobia or Sexistism? Try These 7 Conversation Starters

My teen is at risk.  I hate to admit it, but the signs are there.  I hear the whispers when we see flamboyant boys on television or young men at the grocery store with pastel attire.  I am a quiet bystander as my husband preaches the guy code rules to our two boys.  These include:  “No school choir”, “No crying when you are hurt” (even if bleeding is involved, and of course, the most important “You must play contact sports” (even though my oldest boy has two left feet like me).   I hear the sneers (and the eye rolls) when there is a same-sex kiss scene on ...more

The Importance of Role Models in Tech Diversity

I first realized I was the exception, not the rule, around the age of 19. I was a second-semester freshman taking Intro to Programming at Johnson C. Smith University, a small HBCU in Charlotte, NC. At the time, I intended to major in Marketing and minor in Computer Science, so this was the first of my minor requirements....more

What The Michael Brown Incident Should've Taught Us

I've been thinking a lot about race relations in this country....more

Challenge Yourself to Read Diverse Books in 2015

It's time for diversity! I've been wanting to start my own reading challenge and I've finally done it! Let's ring in 2015 with a reading challenge that celebrates the multicultural reader and challenges the status quo. Presenting An Unconventional Librarian's 2015 Diversity Reading Challenge! #DiversityReadingChallenge ...more
Karen Ballum I'd be surprised if you hadn't already read this one, but you mentioned narrative ...more

Tylenol Re-Imagines Norman Rockwell Painting with Diverse Families

Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" is a classic painting of an American family sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. Tylenol has given the painting a new twist, however, by using its setting to profile several families of diverse races, ethnicities, and structures. Image Credit: Tylenol via YouTube...more
I don't agree with your statement that a classic image is completely antiquated today.  A ...more

Woman at the Bay

"You black people are so damn Lucky!"It would have elicited startled frowns followed by typical rolling of eyes from my girls.It drew a laugh out loud from the woman behind a certain cosmetic counter at the Bay. From a brown woman to a black woman. ...more

Ferguson: Connecting with Our Community on Twitter

BlogHer is a diverse community and never was that more evident than in today's Twitter chat about Ferguson, the racial tensions stemming from the shooting of Michael Brown and the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed him....more

New Kids' Album Celebrates All Families

Families with same-sex parents are only one of the many types of families celebrated in the warm and funny new children’s album Dancin’ in the Kitchen, by two-time Grammy Award-winning duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer....more