Discovering Malaysia

I have always wanted to go to Malaysia - since the first time I saw pictures of the Petronas Towers. I didn’t know anything else about Malaysia; just those iconic towers were enough....more

Christmas Is Coming

Thoughts on Diversity in the Tech Industry... From a Black Computer Scientist

Let's be clear about one thing from the start: I'm a Black female with a Ph.D. in computer science. No shade, Sheryl Sandberg, but I've been "leaning in" since birth.This topic (and blog post) has been a long time coming. I wasn't sure, at first, how to best put my thoughts to words. Then I wasn't even sure if I should say anything at all, since it may ruffle some feathers. In the end, I didn't care. Some things need to be said. Most people think it, but few say it. I'll take one for the team....more
@kid_OYO KaporCenter hackthehood my msg needs refining why? cause you disagree? or cause it's ...more

Ad Color adds color

It’s a play on words. We love that ship – hehe, ship --> read this – at the Ronay house.And one of us Ronay’s also loves getting dressed up and drinking fancy cocktails and all of the pre-party primping, too (mani/pedi, eyebrows, blowout. And a spray tan, of course.  Why, yes, I am from New Jersey. How’d you know?)....more

The problem with Indira Nooyi's (PepsiCo's CEO) interview about dealing with the guilt of parenthood

The recent interview by Indira Nooyi, Pepsico CEO, and the thirteenth most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes, has been doing the rounds of social media lately. In the frank and honest interview, Nooyi talks about how she deals with parental guilt and how 'women can't have it all'. While I do appluad her for sharing her experience in an honest and non sugar coated manner, I have an issue with the message.  Her experience about her mother shaming Nooyi for not being the perfect mother and her subsequent guilt seems to send out a regressive message....more

Why It Is NEVER All Right to Call Someone a "F-ing Terrorist"

My husband and I recently took our daughter and a dozen of her friends to the movies. It was a children’s movie matinée. Our group took up an entire row in the theatre, and so I sat right in front of the kids. A few minutes before the show began, a visible minority family walked in and sat next to me, one seat down. The lights dimmed and the previews started. We were off to a great start. The kids sat behind us munching on their popcorn, slurping their drinks, eager to see the movie start....more
This was beautiful. I have considered posting a link to your article in response to some ...more

White Baby, Black Doll

I remember when Punkgirl was little, and she loved baby dolls more than any other toy in the store. She had about 100 baby dolls over the years, each with their own name and story. Some of them were hideous...I remember one that used to shake like a crack addict and fall down. I'm pretty sure we even called it "crack baby" (not in front of her, of course.)....more

Where My Girls At???

The philosophy of pursuitology is to change recruiting from the inside out. It is not enough to want diverse employees, you have to change your perspective on how you look at diversity and inclusion....more