Are monkeys more sexually evolved than we are?

Listener Question:  Tell me, why does dropping one’s drawers have to be the line of demarcation? Is that really the point of no return? If so, then why do you consider it as such? My studies of aboriginal Polynesian societies have led me to delve into customs of touching in other nearly nude societies, including those of primates, with whom we share 98% of our DNA. These societies have no drawers to drop, yet raised peaceful, sexually wise kids.Maryanne Answer: Good question: what about dropping one’s drawers creates such a hard line?...more

Just how much I hate the phrase "life just isn't fair"

I've never liked the phrase "life just isn't fair."  I've heard it used in thousands of different situations and tones throughout my life; my mother would scold that "sometimes life just isn't fair" when we talked back or demanded more that our share of snacks, attention, the couch, etc....more

Don’t Kill Cupid!: A Message for Divorcing Moms

Pink hearts, red roses, chocolates galore, February is the month for romance and love. We all love to be in love, but when your heart has been broken this can be a tough and lonely time. Even if romance feels like a distant memory and passion seems like an ancient relic that belongs in a museum, resist the temptation to boycott or ignore Valentine's Day.    ...more

Our Sex Lives: One Response | Women's Voices For Change

Another pre-Valentine's Day blip: a note for the editors of Our Bodies, Ourselves, whose query about women's sex lives we posted last week. We were delighted at the good news the writer reports, though due to the delicate nature of the subject she has chosen to remain anonymous....more

A New Couch

Something quite strange has happened to me since I separated from my ex, something I’m not proud of and am not entirely comfortable admitting to the world, but here I go. ...more

I'm Resigning My Role as Rosie O'Donnell Apologist

I am considerably late to the game of criticizing Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie often draws fire from even her longstanding fans for acts of ego and hubris, but I will admit that until recently, I was a Rosie O'Donnell apologist. ...more

Very good post, but I think your first item is a bit of an overreaction. 

Before ...more

There's A Place You Can Go

This post is featured on my blog, My Former Life, in which I will post 365 memories in the year of my 40th birthday. I hope I come up with some lessons from the first 40 to take into the second 40 years of my life. My father moved to an apartment about half an hour away from us. ...more

It's all about me now

I just got finished reading a blog that reminds me a lot of my current situation so I decided to write about my journey. ...more


My name is Jennifer and I just came back to Blogher after a bit of an ...more

Redecorate & Reclaim The Master Bedroom ASAP After Divorce

Redecorate and Reclaim The Master Bedroom ASAP After Divorce ...more