An Open Letter to the Hurting New Years 2006 Me.

Dear December 31, 2006 Me,...more

What Do You Mean We Aren't Married?

It sounds like a plot from a sitcom. A married couple discovers that, due to some technicality, they aren't legally married. ...more

Co-Parenting after separation or divorce

  Jeanne N....more

Review HBO's Divorce From A Woman Who's Been There

HBO’s Divorce, the new show starring Sarah Jessica Parker, is both raw and funny.  I read a few reviews that weren’t favorable so my expectations weren’t exactly high. I’m happy to report though, that this show based solely on the Premier episode, has a ton to offer. There is a great deal to sink our teeth into. It is full of irony, wry humor, double talk, deceit and brutal honesty but at the same time, it’s subtle....more

My Ex is Getting Remarried. Yippee.

I would have celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary this week. Instead, my ex-husband is getting married to one of several women he had affairs with during the years we were together.As much as I have been trying to grin and bear it in preparation of this moment, the truth is, it sucks. I guess you never really know how you’re going to weather the storm until you’re in the midst of it....more
It's tough for sure.  I am still single 12 years later and he's been married nearly 10.  I just ...more

No It Doesn't Get Easier

Helping Children Sleep When Parents Split Up

I’ve just finished working with recently separated parents of a two-year old little boy and asked them for permission to use their story as inspiration for my blog this week. I’ve changed their names and the name of their son at their request.*****...more

The Wrong Way to Ask For a Divorce

“When can we talk?”“We can talk now.”I sat on the couch across from him. He motioned me to the bedroom. Before the door was even shut he said, “I’m done.”I waited a beat.“I can’t do this anymore. What just happened, with the kids now, and I don’t love you anymore. I’m done.”...more
A painful and very honest post. Thank you for sharing this, Jenny. I've just bookmarked this ...more


Cooking My Way through My Husband's Midlife Crisis      We all want to be loved. To be seen for whom we truly are without all the fluff. Vulnerability is difficult at best for the majority of us. That is why when we are vulnerable it’s a big deal. Having it crushed is an even bigger deal....more

Grow Old With Me

My partner and I love to fantasize about what the next chapter in our life will be like....more