The Divorce Book Giveaway

Are you going through a difficult time or a difficult divorce? Hop on over to my site and check out the divorce self help titles I'm giving away.  These books helped me through my journey and cover topics such as co-parenting, family peace, parental alienation to name a few. I have no need for them anymore and want to share them with my subscribers and readers.  ...more

Doorway to Something Good

There's a young woman I know who is facing a life change. Walking into a life that she had not expected. At least that she had never spoken about. A life without the man whom she married....more

A little space, a little time, a reflection and small piece of grief

So I’ve taken a little time away from the digital world, traveling to see my girlfriend who had a baby a while back:  the cutest, happiest, most loved little nine month old on the planet.  She is seriously why people have more and more babies.  Her smiles, even when coughing from a cold, are enough to brighten up anyone’s day, hour, minute.  All stress and trouble melt away when you hear her laugh or babble in her baby talk which sounds like:  HAIAIIIIAIIIIIIII and HOOOOOOOOOO,  EEEEEEEEEEEE, OOOOOOOOOOO....more

Nightmare Divorce? SelfHelp Book Giveaway

Hello my fellow Divorcees.  My self help, step by step divorce guide is up for grabs over at Mandy Walker's Since My Divorce.  All you have to do is read the first in a series of posts and leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.  We're close to the last day so don't hesitate. Book cover image....more

This: A love letter

This Is not another love story It is a letter of love From me to myselfThis Does not make me selfish It does have the potential To be a love affair I don't mind having For I have always been, Always will be,The only one for meThis Is long overdue No one can, no one will Love me Unless it is meLove you more....more

Outgrowing Your Past

Have you ever taken a trip back to a school you once attended only to think it looked much smaller than you remembered?The building isn’t so big, the hallways aren’t so long, the desks are really tiny and how the heck did you ever fit your tush in the chair?...more


It's nearly August....more

How Do You Handle Celebrations After Your Divorce?

 The spring and summer months often bring about many events and reasons to celebrate.Most people enjoy these gatherings but if you are a part of the divorced and co-parenting world, celebrations equal stress.How do you handle joint events?Do you include everyone at one party?Do you split the holidays up?Do you hold separate celebrations?...more

10 Best Summer Divorce Movies

"Summertime and the livin’ is easy." Unless you are in the middle of a divorce! What could be better therapy than watching movies about other people’s problems, even if they’re fictional? No doubt the problems will be worse than ours....more

Is Your Ex Really a Narcissist?

There seems to be a EX Narcissist epidemic.   The most common statements I hear over social media and blogging are “My Ex is a Narcissist.”  OR “I was married to a Narcissist.”Funny, you just don’t hear I was married to a complete A**hole anymore.  Why?  Because the A**hole has been replaced by the Narcissist it seems....more
Hi Kath, make sure you read and research on how to deal with a Narc.  It will definitely help ...more