David's shoes

To this day, I cannot drive past the K-Mart near my house without feeling instantly sad and fighting tears. It's been 12 years, and even though I don't consciously think about it, just the sight of the building is enough to make me reach for my tissues. ...more

That memory was from something that happened more than ten years ago, and we have all invested a ...more

Julie's Transformation Station

I invite you to take part in an activity that will never bore you, will always reap rewards, and that you get to be in complete control of: personal transformation. Whether it's fitness, relationships, career, or spirituality, the path of transformation is strewn with exciting ideas and challenges. Here are the latest entries from my series of blogs, written especially for people who believe in the power of their own potential. The Truth of You: And the truth shall set you free (http://www.thetruthofyou.com) ...more


You think you don’t love me anymore. That’s because you don’t want to. You’ve taken your heart back. Think Feel . . Remember the moment we first touched, the way you tingled. Remember looking into each others eyes as we exchanged rings and made promises Remember when our first child was born, the love we felt for each other and the baby Think back to those moments that you were sad and I wiped your tears We had fun times, hanging out, playing, being silly, being together, being friends ...more

Dating, Divorce, and a Girl's Best (Battery-Operated) Friend

It's easy relationship advice these days:  The importance of Date Night to your long-term relationship or marriage.  Find a way to whisk the kids away, have a nice dinner, and viola!  Romance. But is it really that easy? "For a different kind of girl" finds it's not so simple in her post, how come you're here at like the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night completely alone drinking beers? ...more

Mothering Against the Odds: Live Well in Spite of Those Bad Statistics


My mother used to say, "An intelligent person sees what needs to be done and does it." I think ...more