The thing about husbands.

Tonight my other half washed the dishes for the second time in our 9 year marriage. The first time he did it I was so shocked, amazed and overcome with joy and love, I hugged and kissed his face and whispered sweet nothings in his little ears. Tonight however, was a different story....He filled the sink with soapy water ...more

... but he will inevitably finish only half and leave the rest to "soak".  I don't ...more

Discipline and Co-parenting

Disciplining children can be hard enough as it is in a traditional family.  But add divorce, joint custody and getting remarried to the equation and it makes it even more difficult. The girl’s father was very lazy, nothing bothered him and it took pulling teeth and ultimatums to get him to lift a finger.  Now I’m in a relationship that is quite the opposite:  Frank does things way before I even need to ask.  The problem with this type of personality though is that he is ‘Johnny on the Spot’ when it comes to my girls and the proper discipline. ...more

What Have You Learned From Past Relationships?

Last night, I zoned out. Not surprising,eh? I started to think about the past….past relationships. If you knew me and you knew my past, you would know that it was extremely complicated, painful, and onehell of a learning experience. Growing up in an unpleasant environment where my parents literally hated one another, there was no example of real love, commitment, communication to follow. I had to figure it out all on my own…don’t we all? ...more

I know, I'm pretty stumped myself about it. I actually just figured this out in my last ...more

Painted Toenails

Something I've had to get used to since my divorce is preparing myself for summers without my girls.  The first year was by far the most difficult.  The girls' father and I agreed that custody would allow him to have the majority of the summer days with them and I during the school year.  Lindsay is now over 18 and makes her own decisions on where and when to spend her time.  Courtney is entering her last summer as a "minor" child.  This year is very different resulting from our relocation to VA.  ...more


I took some wonderful photographs this weekend. Some, admittedly, are for the iHeartFaces blog-fest, but most are just for me. Dylan is going to live with his dad. This is, and is not, as horrible and as heart-wrenching as it sounds. We finished the custody agreement last night, and short of tidying up a few details, we should be ready for the notary by the end of this week. ...more

Divorcing Friends: How To End Friendships Without The Drama

When we hear the word ‘divorce’ we almost always think of the ending of our romantic relationships, but the ending of a friendship can be just as devastating and often just as dramatic. ...more

an oft-overlooked part of divorce - breaking up with friends. you're right, it's perfectly ...more

Second Wedding Guest List Protocall

Last night I asked my mom if she could provide a guest list of any family friends she would like to invite to the wedding. I already have a very short list of those people in my head, but I assumed there would be people she would want to invite in addition to that list. Her response: “Not to offend you, but quite frankly, I’m a little hesitant to ask our friends…” (She trailed off because she was breaking up due to a bad signal. It was ok. I had heard enough.) Well, later I got to thinking about it. Offense kind of taken. ...more
I have a young male relative who'll be getting married for the 2nd time this spring. He's not ...more

When You, Me and the Ex Make Three

After nearly ten years of marriage, my ex-husband and I called it quits. Our situation may not be the norm, but there were no harsh words nor nasty litigation involved as we essentially split everything down the middle, including shared custody of the kids. Now, more than three years later our relationship is as amicable as ever. We try to speak at least once a day and meet up for dinners weekly and for family affairs and social events. ...more part of our co-parenting and dating series.  Is there an author to whom we can give ...more

Single in the Suburbs and Searching for Love?

Emily Price just put her house in the suburbs up for sale.   And sadly, it’s because she wants to move further away from some of her closest friends. Price, 37 and a media professional in New Jersey, wants to relocate because "after my recent divorce, I am suddenly the only single on the block in a town where everyone knows me and my divorce story." ...more