Supertween, Times and their dangerously subversive mama...

FOCH-head questioned my fitness to parent tonight. Questioned whether I have the moral fiber to parent our children. And what is my transgression? ...more

Slamming the Screen Door...

I could never sneak out of Mema's house. Her screen door gave me away each and every time that I would try to inch outside to play. It would creak and creak closer to shutting, and if I forgot to hold it at the very last second, it would slam shut hard enough to rattle her canning jars. The only thing that I was more likely to get caught at was her clanking cookie jar. ...more

What's Love Got To Do With It?

When you first break with tradition, it often comes accompanied by a soundtrack similar to a herd of elephants in a china store. I’m thinking of things like, oh, little black girls attending a white school in America’s south, the investiture of a gay Bishop, the end of Apartheid, or even the first sounds of Elvis’ form of Rock n’ Roll. ...more

The Third Wife

As I gained entrance into adulthood I didn’t do anything the traditional way. Come to think of it, I’ve always been sort of a non-conformist. I learned lessons the hard way, and still do to some degree, although not in as massive a serving. I’d like to think I have achieved balance over the years as the pendulum in my life has relaxed, but I don’t know. ...more

Could It Be You're Not The Relationship Kind?

There wasn't much time between the moment my husband and I decided to get a divorce and the moment I moved out. Packing is an incredible distraction. No matter how much stuff you have and how hard it is to find a new place and get some footing on life, there comes a point where your head slows down long enough to think. I've reached that point. I can't stop thinking. ...more

Pop psych for the soul, baby.more

I can't compete with that New Mommy Smell

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that my ex is now dating/planning to marry a woman I considered a friend. Last night, I figured out why it’s making me upset: ...more

Bad Boyfriends: Joe, part 1

The second in a series of stories about the many bad boyfriends I’ve chosen throughout my life. It’s a long post, but then it’s a long story. So, I’ve broken it up into three parts. Here’s part 1. ...more

there are two kinds of heart failure, or, how i felt when my husband cheated

  They say that by the time you suspect it, it is too late. They say you already know your spouse is cheating before you have proof.  Why was I so shocked then? ...more

It's the thing you thought you were that's lost, not the thing you are. He was WRONG WRONG ...more

Is there a secret mission to eradicate all body hair?

Am I the last person to know about this mission? Who are the people responsible for this and what on earth do they have against hair? I blame the Brazilians. I admit to  caving to societal expectations as I routinely shave my armpits, legs, and bikini area.  ...more


Its not communication, its “Ex-Management” Soon after my divorce, I realized that my ex-husband and I no longer knew how to communicate with each other. Fifteen years, two children, 4 years of therapy and a divorce later, we were unclear as to how to be “partners” instead of “spouses”. ...more