Painting Walls [Part 1]— Understanding Color

Photo : Ana Luisa Pinto...more

DIY Trendy Plaid Tray

Hola!Have you noticed all the plaid home accents? I don't think you can walk in any store right now and NOT see any plaid. Plaid is often associated with the fall season and this trendy pattern is a top choice for good reason. The best thing about plaid is the variety of color combinations and how dramatic the pattern can change with varying linear lines....more

How to make a fashion DIY Pom-Pon bracelet!

www.themorasmoothie.comThe Mora Smoothie's insight:Hello my friends out there, for this weekend I'm gonna post u a new fashion DIY, easy and fast to make. A bracelet whose inspiration comes directly from the new fashion shows....more

Make Your Walls Pop With Colorful DIY Birch Tree Art

I was challenged to recreate one of my blog friend's DIY wall art.  So, I took inspiration from her birch-tree-painted wall and created colorful, dimensional birch tree canvas art.  This was probably the easiest DIY art I have ever created!...more
jhall8 Your den has some great colors! I would definitely choose to one of the colors ...more

Add a Statement Piece: How to Make a DIY Jeweled Clutch

I am addicted to statement pieces. Seriously, when something speaks to me I drop the cash and leave my logic at home. I’m beginning to understand that spending big money on pieces I am only going to wear on occasion is irrational....more
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How to make a Fashion DIY eye mask in 3 minutes!

Look What Chalk Paint Can Do


What to Do With All Those Leftover Pretty Birchbox Boxes

If you're like me and love receiving monthly subscription boxes full of treats (beauty, food, crafts, etc.) then you probably have a stockpile going of leftover boxes that are taking up space....more
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Latest Crochet Creations

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been getting back to crafting, specifically crochet, which makes me oh so happy! It's just a wonderful feeling to see something come together. Neither of these projects are solely mine, as I've used patterns created by others. But, when something is just so beautiful, why reinvent the wheel, right?I completed an example of one kind of slipper I can make, by request. I love the color of this particular slipper and I'm holding back from making the mate and just keeping them for myself.... ...more

The Shelf Project