How to Throw a Last-Minute LEGO Party

Avi and Apollo's birthdays were last weekend while we were camping and both were set on having a LEGO® party. I was all prepared with my Pinterest board and full of fanstastic ideas...but sometimes I think I suffer from delusions of grandeur. And this seemed to me one of those moments. Saturday afternoon I told Chuck I thought we should just have the party the next day. Never mind that we are in the middle of a major painting project and all of the furniture from the boys' room currently resides in our living room....more

Perennial Vegetables: Grow More, Work Less

This year we decided to expand our garden outside of our garden beds and into our whole yard. Instead of getting bushes and other foliage, we realized perennial vegetables were perfect. ...more

Cool DIY backpack inspired by CHANEL!

Check out on my blog new Fashion DIY inspired by CHANEL!!more on ...more

White Sangria - Blissfull Summer Wine Recipe

When I first purchased my home, I invited everyone over for the typical 'housewarming' party. Mostly I wanted to show off my new digs, but gifts are always good too. A family friend brought a pitcher - it was a typical pitcher, clear plastic, nothing fancy - but what was in it was gold. She had put together a white sangria and it was divine....more

A Very DIY 30th Birthday

Hi, friends! It's already turning out to be a busy summer, but I'm happy to finally share photos from my birthday with you....more

DIY Mothers Day Gifts

So Last mothers day was my year as a mum and I didnt even get a card! This year I made sure I got someting that I could keep forever!!  I did two projects, one for the boys and one for the girls in my household.  First off we have the girls:I made home made paint- flour, water, and food coloring.I used Scrapbook paper (Its all we have in the house haha)...more

Farmhouse Table Tutorial

Who doesn't love a good farmhouse table, right?? ...more

Porch DIY Makeover

When we bought our house, I knew the front porch needed an update. It looked dated and I wasn't feeling it.The Before:...more

Outfit with my DIY CHANEL necklace!