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Ring CHANEL? Let's make the DIY


Cool DIY ring inspired by Delfina Delettrez!


Spring Time Topiary Tutorial

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Shared Girls Room

I have been literally obsessed with finishing the girls’ new room, and honestly it isn’t really finished yet.  There are a few things to tweak here and there and paint.  There are also a few DIY projects that still need to be done, but don’t worry!  I will definitely share them once they have been completed....more
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Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

Oh, I wish I could sew. I really do. The idea of making outfits tailored exactly to me, with all my own ideas makes me drool a little bit. ...more
gatheredinthekitchen  I used the snuggle flannel from Joanne's that they usually have on sale. I ...more

Outfit with foulard Valemour by Geox... and my DIY!


DIY earrings inspired by Dolce & Gabbana!


Outfit with my new DIY earrings inspired by Dior

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