I was in the mood to experiment with a few colors of Wilton's dye I hadn't used before, teal and purple.  For the teal, I basically followed my normal dyeing method, except that I didn't soak the yarn first and only used 1 tablespoon of vinegar (my new normal) and about 4 squeezes of this squeezy dye bot...more

Why (and How) I Helped My Teen Dye Her Hair Purple

I'm a strict parent; I expect you to keep your room clean, try your hardest, do chores around the house, speak to others with respect, cover up your underwear/bra straps, and accept "Because I said so" on the rare occasions when that's the only explanation I'm offering. Only one of my teens has a cellphone -- a "dumb" one, at that -- and she pays for her own texting. No one accuses me of being permissive. And yet, my kids are free to do pretty much whatever they like with their hair. ...more
I completely agree!! Parenting is all about picking your battles and hair isn't a big deal. Her ...more