Adorn In Red Dress Pt:II

Keeping my post of today short, sweet and as fresh as possible. I thought to share with you the extended work for the project "Adorn in Red Dress", published in last weeks post. I had so much fun doing all sections of the choreographed production below and plan to do similar in the near future.  I can now officially say I've perfected wearing heels. So as to not babble on too much i'll leave it to you to view :). Video here: Please remember to show your support through likes and subscribing to my channel/pages on: Youtube...more

Beaded Flip Flops DIY

The weather is getting warmer and soon we'll all be spending a lot more time outside. And the perfect footwear for Summer time has to be a great pair of beaded flip flops. This DIY tutorial has step by step instructions and photos to help you make your own pair of beaded flip flops....more


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