An old milk can recycle into an outdoor end table!

My mom recently has been working on her beautiful new deck, adding seating and flowers etc. She picked up four red Adirondack chairs and then commented, “I really need just one little end table!” My brain immediately started turning and it didn’t take it long to land on this old milk can. My mom had mentioned a couple of years ago that she really wanted one of the old milk cans she was sure were lying about the farm. I found one out in the woods one day but it was in such bad shape I didn’t even haul it back to the house....more

Painting Wood Furniture Without Sanding

Updating furniture is one of the best ways to save a buck or two when redecorating a room. I will mostly go for previously owned furniture when I want something new with a few exceptions (ie cribs). For Olivia's nursery, my in-laws found this amazing wood changing tab;e, but it didn't go at all with our room colors. So, I decided to paint it to match and it turned out to be a pretty simple project. ...more

How to convert old chairs into fun end tables and extra seating – Eat Drink and Be Merry!

When I was cleaning out the old play house and converting it to my new Tack Shack I ran into these three old chairs and a light bulb went off in my head....more

My Grandma’s old Costco step stool

Of all of the memories I have of my Grandma throughout my childhood this step stool seems to be in every picture I have of her in my mind. She will always be sitting on it, by her kitchen stove, whether a fire was burning in it or not. I had a pretty cool Grandma, she had herself the very first Nintendo and she and I went through and beat the very first Zelda multiple times one summer when I was 11 years old. She hand drew maps of all of the dungeons – seriously though, how cool is that?!...more
Heragain Thank you so much!more

Two end tables get a sweet country makeover – before and after

The weekend before last I ran over to an estate sale not far from us and scored big. For $100 I picked up a wooden sofa, matching chair and coffee table, a rocking chair and these two endtables. I am planning on refinishing the rocking chair and selling it on craig’s list to try to recoup some of that $100 I spent. But the sofa, matching chair and coffee table I have big plans for on our deck....more

A story of two rocking chairs, before and after!

I’m posting a real throwback today: The very first furniture project I ever tackled! Two rocking chairs! After we lost my Grandma we slowly started going through the barn, the out buildings and, finally, the house. The two ancient rocking chairs that we found were in wholly different places in their lives. One was in very good condition (having spent its days in one of the upstairs bedrooms) and was probably a child’s rocker....more

Modifying old furniture because: Your ancestors will forgive you

As you might imagine we watch a lot of DIY television around here (shocking, I know) and it also gives us a bit of comic relief from time to time. The other day they were salvaging an ancient, old (gorgeous) Victorian in Virginia and going on and on and on about this enormous, solid wood, hand carved bed that had been left in the house....more

Top ten most popular posts of 2015!

Some of these top ten posts really surprised me! The number one most popular post of 2015 especially surprised me the most! I can’t tell you guys enough how grateful Joe and I for your support and your shares throughout this last year. We’re still a a really new blog as far as blogs go (just a few months old) but I have been touched many times by all of your wonderful comments. Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this last year – we’re just stoked you seemed to enjoy some of our finished projects as much as we do!...more

Before and After: The last piece of our Hollywood bedroom set!

And now, we’ve come to the final piece of the puzzle of our bedroom set. The last Hollywood dresser before and after reveal!...more

Eleonora’s beautiful buffet gets converted into our entertainment center!

This post is actually not about the Grandma I talk about so much  (the wonderful lady who inspired this blog, who lived in this beautiful old farm house before her passing a few years ago) No, this post is about a different, my dad’s mom Eleonora. When she passed they gave us grand kids full run of her house with the notion that we needed to take whatever we wanted to remember her and grandpa by. To say the least, none of us really wanted to do anything let alone go through Grandma’s far too quiet house....more