Top ten most popular posts of 2015!

Some of these top ten posts really surprised me! The number one most popular post of 2015 especially surprised me the most! I can’t tell you guys enough how grateful Joe and I for your support and your shares throughout this last year. We’re still a a really new blog as far as blogs go (just a few months old) but I have been touched many times by all of your wonderful comments. Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this last year – we’re just stoked you seemed to enjoy some of our finished projects as much as we do!...more

Before and After: The last piece of our Hollywood bedroom set!

And now, we’ve come to the final piece of the puzzle of our bedroom set. The last Hollywood dresser before and after reveal!...more

Eleonora’s beautiful buffet gets converted into our entertainment center!

This post is actually not about the Grandma I talk about so much  (the wonderful lady who inspired this blog, who lived in this beautiful old farm house before her passing a few years ago) No, this post is about a different, my dad’s mom Eleonora. When she passed they gave us grand kids full run of her house with the notion that we needed to take whatever we wanted to remember her and grandpa by. To say the least, none of us really wanted to do anything let alone go through Grandma’s far too quiet house....more

Upcycleing Your Home Decor

 Upcycling Your Home Decor HOW TO INCORPORATE UPCYCLING INTO YOUR HOME DECORAs y’all know I love to turn trash into treasure.  Here are some fun and easy ideas for y’all to take and make your own…have fun!...more

An old cabinet made by my grandparents gets new life as an entertainment center!

This old cabinet has had the job of several duties over the years. My mom thought it had been made by her parents for my brother though I had a vague recollection of it spending some years in my childhood room as well. Where it really spent most of its time was in her old house’s entryway/closet doing miscellaneous storage duty of tools, hats and anything else you can think of. When it was time for her big downsize she was at a loss as to what to do with this big cabinet. Then it dawned on her: She needed an entertainment center!...more

An old washstand gets new life and purpose!

After being gifted the incredible bedroom set that my grandma left behind I was in a dilemma for end tables to match. The two gorgeous dressers I had already painted black and added glass knobs to but the more I looked for end tables for the bedroom the more I came up at a loss....more

An old washstand gets new life and purpose!

After being gifted the incredible bedroom set that my grandma left behind I was in a dilemma for end tables to match. The two gorgeous dressers I had already painted black and added glass knobs to but the more I looked for end tables for the bedroom the more I came up at a loss....more

Before and After: Refinished dresser goes Hollywood glam with black paint!

Flash back three years ago, it was May of 2013 and I lost my last grandparent: my grandma Charlotte who, with my grandpa Arvid, lived in this old farm house of ours for over fifty years. So much of all of the furniture you see on here today was found here and left to us by them in their passing. On the second floor (which was basically abandoned when their two girls moved out over forty years ago) sat this dresser and its matching sister for as long as we all can remember....more

Before and After: the Ancient dresser from nowhere

Between this one and the old beast from the screened in porch I really don’t know which one is more of a mystery. Neither dresser had been used in decades by the time I came along to refinish them. With the passing of my grandma we opened up the old play house (our future duck coop) and were both dismayed and delighted to find that it was full....more

Eleonora’s Rocking Chair: Before and Afters

You’ve probably heard me mention once or twice now that I lost both of my Grandmas within just a few months of each other. The majority of the furniture and the old farmhouse and the whole renovation journey started with the passing of my mom’s mom (Grandma Charlotte) whose farm house Joe and I renovated and is now ours....more