DIY Glitter Shoes

Everywhere you look this Spring you'll see color and sparkle in fashion. So I knew I wanted to update my wardrobe by adding a splash of glitter and color with these fun and easy DIY Glitter Shoes. This DIY project will take an ordinary pair of pumps to the next level using only Mod Podge and glitter. This is also a pretty quick project you can make them in the morning, sit them out to dry and you'll be ready to cha cha by evening!...more

DIY Glitter Sole Heels

Okay guys, I'm back for round two! I just can't get enough glitter!! If you missed my first post on Glitter Sole Shoes you can find it HERE. This time I used Martha Stewart's White Gold Glitter and let me just tell you these shoes ROCK!...more
When you did the whole bottom of the shoe did it cause the shoe to easily slip on certain surfaces?more

All That Glitters is GOLD... Shoes, that is!

What could be more suited to a Glamorous Gadabout than glamorously gold glittery shoes?? NOTHING! We all know Dorothy secretly wanted gold slippers, right? Now, not all gilded accessories are created equal - glitter easily falls off {very UNglamorous!} - so if you have your eye on some sparkles below your ankles, it's time to invest in a pair that will last through many nights of being glamorous till dawn. Here are my favorites!...more
I adore #9 they could go with anything from the LBD to a pair of jeans and a funky top!more