Crochet Beach Bag

I have only just discovered Blogher. I know! Where have I been? I was brought here in a roundabout route from a Pinterest pin , about blogging for profit. I'm seriously interested in trying to make an online income as no one seems to want to employ me any more. I still have the same qualifications as I had when I was a working person, but now I am older I'm not such am interetsing proposition. ...more
love your bag... I noticed that simple sleeveless,  open stitched .crocheted baby dresses that ...more

10 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Avoid the knick knacks and try these 10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts!I love anything that my children give to me or make or draw for themselves or make at school or just leave sitting around the house taking up room.  I love it all.  So much so that I have a VERY hard time parting with "stuff" and I constantly letting it pile up so that I can avoid having to make decisions about (**cringe**) what to throw away....more

Display And Pricing Your Art And Handmade Items At Shows

I’ve done shows for some years now. And one of the things every newbie (and many seasoned) sellers struggle with is how to handle displaying your pricing.  Sometimes sellers think that not using tags or pricing will somehow make their items look more professional and nicer.  But one of the biggest mistakes an artist can make is by not displaying (or hiding altogether) the price of their work....more

Conversations about Crochet in 140 Characters or Less - Did You Tweet In?

So over the last week we've had a very interesting discussion going on Twitter about crochet hooks and hand holds. Which do you use and what's your favorite? We've covered a few other details too. But the conversation got so big, it spilled over into the weekend! (By all means, jump in and add your say too!)...more
@GrayDog is one of my favorites! Though I have not seen him on eBay in years now. I've tried ...more