Jingle Bell Art Craft Tutorial

Have you ever gotten your holiday decorations perfect - exactly the way you want them - and then moved? That's where I'm at this year, with my holiday decorations in the house.When we lived in Texas, I finally had my  holiday home decor exactly how I wanted it. And then we moved to California. Last year, I didn't decorate for the holidays, other than putting up the tree because the hubby forced me to. I was feeling bummed that I wasn't back home with my friends and family, and figured "what's the point?"....more

My simple, but elegant, paper tree ornaments

Linda@nothingbutblueskyesPaper trees - Oh Tannenbaum!When the hurricane blew in to the New York area and we were without power (only for a very short time in our house - GRATEFUL!), I did this craft. I needed something `simple, but elegant' to insert in my card for an annual card swap I do.Simple, simple!...more
A lovely and simple craft perfect for the holiday tree! I love it!more

The Thankful Tree

One of my favorite quotes is from John Adams, who wrote, "I long for the rural and domestic scene, for the warbling of birds and the prattling of my children." ...more
Very pretty <3, It reminds me to Tanabata Festival in ...more

Thanksgiving Upcycle Crafts

Yes, today we are going beyond the turkey to focus on the decorations. Centerpieces, napkin holders, table runners…you know homey little touches that can bring an Autumn feel to the house....more