Thrift Store Finds and Family Fun

What a day we have had visiting with family and then spending the afternoon looking through thrift stores where we found an antique Eatonia Sewing Machine for $7.99.  Now the fun only started there as getting the machine to work became a family affair....more

Make a Pillow Cover with a Pet Photo

How fun is this? A pillow cover personalized with a pet photo decorating your room. I made it a a gift for my sister, who moved to New York and had to leave her puppy with my parents, and this is a great way to have her at all times....more

Sew a Removable Pillow Cover with Decorative Piping

Not too long ago, I shared how to make your own embroidered initial.  I finally used the fabric to make a decorative pillow for the new nursery. Decorated with piping edging, this pillow has a very simple and clean look.  The fact that the cover is removable allows me to be able to fill in the monogram in the future.Granted, I’ve never made or used piping before, so I used my intuition, creativeness and logic to make it work. It might not be how professionals do it, but it worked for me....more

Work In Progress :: Oblique, Almost Done!

I'm pleased to report that this will be my last Oblique WIP post! I'm on the homestretch! I attached the sleeves to the front and back panels, then picked up and knit the button bands and collar. As I tried to read ahead, I had no idea where the pattern was going. I had to just trust the process (eek!). It all worked out in the end. All I have left to do is seam up the arms and sides, take care of all the pesky yarn tails, then block! ...more

DIY: Little Girls T-shirt Dress

Five Reasons Why I Share the Art of Sewing

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."- Pablo Picasso Last Saturday afternoon it was just V and I.Stella and Stephen were out of the house - at a Frozen-themed five-year-old birthday party....more

The Bag Blog

Welcome to my world.  I make's my hobby, it's my business.  If you like to sew, but have never tried making a bag, you're going to love it!  Why?  Well, sewing is a great hobby.  It's creative, meditative...and you have the satisfaction of making something useful and different from anything mass produced and sold in most retail stores.  I've made clothes...blouses, pants....more

Meeting the Girls - Part Two

 Meeting the Girls – Part TwoMy descent into Vintage Sewing Machine addiction. Meeting Ginger. When I first got interested in vintage machines, one of these immediately caught my eye.  ...more

Project Dogway Part 2

Hooray! I got a new car battery, therefore I was able to find some fleece! The fabric department of my least favorite store was a bust so I ended up buying two cheap fleece throws from A.C Moore. The throws were the perfect size and price. $4 compared to the $10 a yard of fleece costs at the store....more

Project Dogway

It should come as no surprise that my dogs can be a bit of a pain in the cold weather. Quinn especially.Once the temperature gets below about 50 degrees, E & Q will shiver, burrow into their cavebeds and refuse to go outside. This leaves me no choice but to be one of those people who sews clothes for their dogs. I’d be ashamed, but you should see my fabric stash. I need to use this fabric somehow!I started out with a store-bought pattern and made some adjustments for a whippet’s weird body shape....more