Valentines treats....

So, this year I actually got gifts for a holiday ahead of time and have stuck to my schedule. I decided to do 14 days of valentines for my husband. I even had the first three days gifts packed for the trip. It can be just about anything. Some things I have given so far are Reese's pieces and said I love you to pieces. Cheetos snack bag and said orange you glad I am your valentine?! Eclipse gum and wrote total eclipse of my heart. It doesn't have to be food but does make for a sweet treat. Today's gift is gummy lifesavers with a note that says you are my lifesaver....more

Happy Valentine's Day

This is Beckham's first year giving out Valentine's, so I knew I wanted to do something a little different and special.  I love finding easy projects that he can help with and was super excited when I stumbled upon this picture on pinterest...  The sitter tries to keep things relatively healthy (plus, who wants to take care of 6-3/4yr olds on a sugar high?!?!?), so I didn't want t...more

Popsicle stick Valentines... week Violet independently wrapped a pipe cleaner around a popscle stick, drew a face on it and then brought it to me and asked me to turn it into a magnet...What a great idea!  ...more

Printable Valentine's for Procrastinators

Did you put off buying Valentine's for your loved ones and now can't find anything you like at the store? Here's a list of links to a wide variety of wonderful, FREE, printable Valentine's. Enjoy! (Read more...)Nancy G

How to Write a Valentine!

A few of my grumpy friends have been muttering about Valentine's Day ... not a real holiday, retail promotion, expensive, ridiculous ... you get the picture. This is what happens when the bulk of your friends pass 40. Sigh....more

Love these ideas!

Find out how to make healthy choices that happen to help the ...more

Home-made valentines: what a treat!

Last year I totally forgot to send out Christmas cards, so I made valentines for my loved ones instead. This year, I had the pleasure of attending a "Make Victorian Valentines" fundraiser -- what fun! ...more