Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Democratic National Convention

BlogHer is live in Charlotte, NC, covering the Democratic National Convention. And fr those of you who have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a national party convention -- I got to sit down the the Reverend Leah Daughtry, CEO of the 2008 convention, who broke it all down for me. ...more

Women of America, Suit Up! Notes from the DNC's National Issues Conference

On Friday, I attended part of the 18th Annual National Issues Conference held by the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum. I was there to cover the President's remarks at the end of the day, but arrived early to hear some of the speakers. It was the best example of the personal becoming political, with each speaker drawing from her life in order to explain why this upcoming election matters. ...more
 @moderndaypearls All the speeches were fantastic -- it was really hard to pull quotes because I ...more

The Lessons of NY23 (and NJ and VA)

I've been following these races for quite some time and was glued to the television and Internet as the results came in. A big message was sent to three different entities on election night, a message to:...more

Bosses are people too (Even the famous ones)

A funny thing happens when your boss' reputation proceeds him. In a sense it almost makes this person who will soon have firing potential larger than life. And it takes all the willpower in the world not to just stare opened mouth, wide eyed and say something profound like, "Dude! I know you! You came into my living room from the TEE VEE!" ...more

Really beautiful and heartfelt - thank you, Heather. As a supporter of Howard Dean's I was ...more

The Pitbull in Lipstick Mommy: Five Questions for Sarah Palin

Okay, I think we all agree that even though she's probably a very nice human being, the Sarah Palin VP pick is deeply problematic. ...more

DCSweetie (


Or should I say, ...more

It's Called Democracy

Yes, there have been protests in Minneapolis-St. Paul. I haven't seen too many where I've been, as I have mostly been inside the convention center blogging and tracking down people. ...more

Random Political Thoughts about the Republican Candidates

1) If people think Obama's too "inexperienced" then doesn't Biden strengthen him? And if McCain is relatively experienced, doesn't Palin weaken him? 2) Does McCain think that women are SO STUPID that they'll vote for him just because a woman's on the ticket? Or does he just think women are stupid? 3) McCain's wife is mad at Obama because of how he blasted McCain in his DNC speech. Are you serious? As much as McCain put Obama on front street?!? Is she really serious or was she just joking? April's Fool? ...more

Witness: The True Emergence of Citizen Journalism


It was a Bittersweet Convention

When people ask me why I moved back to Upstate New York the answer is a very succinct "Because of the money". And then I shrug and say that it's just ok. When people ask me how I ended up in Washington, DC for six years, the story is longer. I don't shrug or give it a brush off, I happily go through each step starting with my early acceptance into American University and crying in the middle of Houlihan's when I was accepted. ...more

I would probably get very angry and fired. I think that sometimes people say and write ...more

The High-Risk, High-Reward Conventions

All you hear about modern political conventions these days is that they're designed to be more predictable than meatloaf on Thursdays. And yet, this year, everyone seems to be trying their darnedest to throw them into suspense. ...more

Canceling prime-time speeches and instead turning the entire convention into a service project ...more