DIY irritant free bath bombs recipe!

Here are my wonderful smelling bath bombs recipe!...more

Attempting "The Glad Game"...

The past week, the health club has blocked off the beautiful new showers for tile repair, and we women have been relegated to the old ones, most recently used by the men as their locker room underwent a makeover. Since one of our group exercise classmates had been telling us about the athlete's foot he had suffered from using those very showers, we were a little squeamish about being back in the Formica stalls. (First world problems, I know.)...more

Clean All the Things With Your Own DIY Soft Scrub

I don't think I've ever been so excited about a cleaning product. I mean, come on! Who likes to clean? ...more
OOOOHHH sounds like a great recipe. Definitely saving so I can try! thanks!!more

My January Create

At the start of each year, an old and dear friend of mine encourages me to choose a Word, which will be my theme for the months ahead. I’ve “done” Relax, Focus and Let It Unfold, in years past. This year, I’ve chosen Create. I have decided that what I need is some Play, ...more
stephliebold Let me know what you choose. :) Always interested in seeing which "spark" is ...more


TABLE SAW WORKBENCH WITH WOOD STORAGE   I recently got into woodworking. I am developing my skills and found a used portable table saw on Craigslist.  I needed a place to store my table saw along with the reclaimed wood I was purchasing.  I searched online for various plans and could not find exactly what I needed.  I needed something mobile, compact and simple to build.  SO I made a few sketches on a notepad.  This is the first time I've taken on a challenge in woodworking where I'm building something from scratch, developing my own plans. I made a few mistakes. But I learned a lot.  Most importantly, I learned it's ok to make mistakes. It's how you learn.   And yes my workbench is purple.  I am a Diva after all!  Total Cost:  $70 - $80 OK, Let's Get Dirty ...more

DIY Fashion Sketch


Summer Staple: DIY Passion Tea Lemonade

Even though I will drink a good iced drink anytime of the year, Starbuck's Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade, or PTL if you speak #whitegirlproblems, is reserved for the sunshine months. I had my first official cup of the season a few weeks ago for my free birthday drink. It was just as good as I had remembered it being last year and the whole thing refreshed my love of iced tea. ...more
Huh. Crystal Light singles. I never would have thought of that. Neat idea!more

How to Make Your Own Handmade Orange Candles

Art of Craft - ArtiomaThey set a mood, warm up a room, and just look pretty on a shelf.It's handmade orange candles for the non-boring... not something for everyone!Enjoy candles designed by your own imagination.Don't let your party favors be an afterthought, create a treasure that your guests will love to keep forever....more

Five Things to Make Together for Independence Day

Holidays are all about togetherness. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we keep our loved ones close and focus on how much they mean to us. Independence Day is rooted in a unique togetherness that was forged by necessity. It’s about a group of states, made up of people with varying religions and politics, who didn’t always get along so well. They decided to put their differences aside and come together to focus on something bigger than individual bickering: freedom....more