Shed the Tyranny of the To Do List

Recently a client admitted to falling back into an old undesirable habit. Ashley had once again become a tyrant at home. She was obsessed with the cleanliness of her house. She worried about getting things done on time. She stopped interacting with her family. The only time she spoke to them was when she was barking out an order or reprimanding when something was not done correctly or on time. Ashley was obsessed with her to-do list. She was frantic to complete each item. She was becoming very stressed by all she wanted to complete....more

How I Made a DIY Day Planner

I think we've talked about my planner addiction before. I am drawn to them everywhere I go. It is acceptable in the store, but my addiction goes beyond that. I will walk up to a stranger writing in their beautiful planner and ask them where they got it!...more
I can't live without a planner. I am totally in love with yours. It has everything I love to ...more

Procrastinator or Checklist Checker?

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Friday, January 3, 2014: Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list? I'd have to say that it's a little of both for me. ...more

To Do List: Clean House for Thanksgiving, Re-Read Catching Fire, and Crush 10,000 More Candies

The Hunger Games 2 movie was great.  I love seeing the action from my head played out on the big screen.  I read Catching Fire over a year ago.  Katniss is such an interesting character.  She is a balanced combination of tough and soft.  After reading the book, the ending was no surprise which makes the movie less supenseful.  Overall, I enjoy the accurate depictions and the acting....more

New Year, New Expectations

In a couple of hours, we will journey into the year of 2013. On New Year's Eve, most people are out partying and celebrating a New Year to come; some however, may prefer to have small celebrations at home with loved ones. But how many of you are actually taking a few minutes to look back at the events that have occurred in your life this past year? If you are not at the moment, I can tell you that I am doing a review of 2012 in my head right now, as we speak....more

What Are You Doing This Week?

Here's what I'm doing.  (or at least hoping to!)To Do List for July 30 - August 3      1.  Can some homemade salsa      2.  Go to library      3.  Finish at least one more of the library books I already have      4.  Start next crochet project for Etsy shop   (originally posted @ ...more

SO Far Behind

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) There's so much to do!  Sooooo much!  I always feel like I am getting further behind instead of making any progress on things.  I can't stand feeling behind!  Seriously.  Can. NOT. Stand....more

Terrific Tuesday - Eating the Elephant

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to know you can tame your to do list just like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time....more

Jumping into July

July is here.  And baby, it's HOT outside!  Which leaves plenty of time for inside activities and making lists of things I want to get accomplished.  Along that line of thought, let me share with you my Goals for July:   1.  Get out on to the back deck in the mornings to enjoy some coffee, reading, and fresh air - before the day gets too hot. 2.  Take at least one hour of time for myself each week.  Give myself a...more

To Do - Or To Be?

I'm a champion list maker.  I make all sorts of lists.  Lists of things I need to buy, books I want to read, chores I want the kids to do, things I need to get accomplished, places I need/want to go.  You name it, I have probably made some sort of list for it.  Lists keep me organized.  They give me focus.  They help keep me on track.  Without my lists there is a distinct possibility I would wander aimlessly from thing to thing without getting much accomplished.  I certainly would make a trip to the store and come home with many items - e...more