Get Ready for a Conference: Order Your Business Cards

It is Friday, which means that we are hours away from the weekend. So I'm going to throw something on your to-do list. I know that probably won't make me the most popular woman, but you'll thank me later when you enter the #BlogHer16 conference feeling calm and collected. For the next few weekends, I'm going to suggest one small thing that you can complete some time between Friday and Sunday evening to get ready for #BlogHer16. By the time August rolls around, the only thing you'll have left to do is throw some cute shoes in the suitcase. ...more
No advice, but thanks for the tips, and the reminder. I've been meaning to get my butt in gear ...more

Calendar To-Do System - Getting Stuff Done by Date

Ah- the  ever-present, never-ending to-do list.  Whether scribbled on designed, organizing sheets or typed into a smartphone app – but do we ever ever check everything off?  And then there’s the pile of papers to go along with it. If you’re a parent, this may be dominated by permission forms, tests, progress reports and volunteer forms to sign and return, presumably before the deadline. Then there's the sale you missed, the coupon that expired....more

Using the Manageable Moments Exercise to Jump Start your Dreams

Have you had an item collecting dust on your to-do list for quite some time? Honestly, I think there are a few items on mine that have been sitting there for weeks, maybe even months. Sometimes you get to an item on your to-do list and it’s hard not to look like a deer caught in headlights. You stare at it. And stare at it. And you break out into a cold sweat and stare at it some more. Because the next task on your to-do list is SO monumental, SO huge and important, that you have no idea how to make it happen....more

My To Do List: Another Attempt to Get Two Things Done at Once

  Great googly moogly, I have a lot to do. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all… and, even if there were, my motivation and energy have a way of plummeting RIGHT before I’m planning on doing something. Or, often worse, I’ll set out to do something only to have something else demand my total attention....more

Free Printable: Winterize your Home Checklist

It's an all too common mistake that we make each year, and could save ourselves a ton of headache with a little preparation for Winter. I grew up in North Dakota, and have lived on each coast of the US, as well as Texas over the years. Each place is different, so of course you may need to adjust your preparation plans present, I live in Southern California, so I don't have much of a winter that I have to deal with, but there are some things that are still necessary. ...more
BlogHer thank you for sharing my blog post! It is very exciting to be on the homepage as well! :)more

What Do You Want to Achieve In the Next 1-5 Years?

How often do you ask yourself this question: what do you want to achieve in the next 1-5 years? I cannot tell you how many times I have asked that of myself. I am continuously thinking about the future and where I will be in the next 5 years. It's sort of an obsession; I am always making a list of things to-do with specific actions and deadlines for when the goals must be achieved. Honestly, goal-setting is one of my favorite things to do. Each time I get ready to map out the future, I think about how fast time flies and what I can realistically achieve in that period....more

Resolving and renewing in 2012

Millions of people are writing this very same post, or will soon....more

On Not Resolving and Other Musings

At the end of every year I think very hard about making some New Years resolutions. I ponder it, ruminate on it and then I decide not to do it. This is not because I am a non-comformist, it is simply because I suck a following through on anything so named a "resolution". I guess you could say I am not very resolved. ...more
@Evolving Revolver An excellent idea! I might just have to look into that :)more

Leaky Faucet

Both my children are napping.  It's a treat that is about to end soon.  I have a list of things I wanted to accomplish and a second cup of coffee perched against my leg.  The coffee is almost all gone.  The list has yet to be started and I hear my one year old beginning to twist and turn and grunt - all signs that she is soon to wake up.  Which means my two year old will be up soon after. ...more

Home for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! Fa la la la la. Such fun, so festive, a time of celebration! Or, as it’s known in my world, HOLY SHIT ARE THERE REALLY ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS???????  The fact that the past year has been a complete blur isn’t really surprising to me. However, the fact that we’re 18 days away from the New Year is shocking. Where has all the time gone? And now it’s the holidays! Do I have a tree? Nope. Gifts purchased? About 5 percent of what I need to get. Holiday plans? Not-a-one, unless “sleep until noon every day” counts. ...more