The eyes have it

My eye doctor's office texted me to say that it was time for my annual eye exam. And I immediately set up my appointment. To put this in perspective, my dentist and my regular doctor have also both notified me for an appointment. But I haven't responded to them. (I will, just not right now.)...more

All I want is to see the sunshine for a little bit

When my doctor first diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency, he told me to go out into the sunlight more often. That advice sounded great in theory, but it wasn't realistic. I asked him when I was supposed to do that during my day. At my 5 am run, the sun isn't up yet. I work all day - even through my lunch time. I am in a lot of meetings and can't wander too far from my desk phone. When I get home, I make dinner and help get my son ready for bed....more

The Doctor’s Always Right? How to Make the Best Medical Decisions for Yourself and Your Baby

This blog wraps up the top ten reasons why you might not be enjoying breastfeeding. Read reasons 1-9, too!...more

Little Girl Big Dreams

Nablopomo writing prompt:“When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?”...more

The Story of the Forgotten Menstrual Cup

Warning: this post contains graphic descriptions.  Men and ladies of quality, be forewarned.  But I recommend reading it anyway, because it’s pretty funny.   ...more

I'm not a doctor, but I play one at bath time

Philip hates doctors' offices.He developed his anxiety early on. I don't know whether he associates getting shots with the exam rooms, but as soon as he sees one, he will cry. In fact, we were at a children's museum with an area set up like a doctor's office, and he cried when he saw the exhibit....more

Day 12 - Sad Panda

Last year I wrote about the fact that I look at a LOT of films...And, sometimes I see things that aren't there... like that parrot...Or what I call the "sad panda"...more