Pouring rain, a pink camo bandaid, and the king of distractions...

Today was baby girl's one month check up at the pediatrician.  Simple enough.  Right?  Wrong.  Add in the biggest rainstorm of the summer and her first shot at the doctor's office (that somehow I either didn't know about or forgot about) and you have a very upsetting visit.  For everyone.  ...more

My Ovaries Hate Me

I hope I'm not the only woman who has ever said that my gynecologist cracks me up.I had a partial hysterectomy last December, and everything was fun and games for a few months, until about six weeks ago when I started having abdominal pain.  This type of pain is hard to diagnose, so I didn't bother with it for a while, until it was Time To Deal With It.  There was no ignoring the hunched-over, sweaty, nauseated, moaning, pathetic pain heap that I had become in the middle of one recent night....more

Ring Around the Insurance/Doctor Hell

Last week Daddy called me a little after I had left from one of my usual visits.  He was very upset because he had received a phone call from a collection agency.  WHAT!!!!!  That was not good.  Daddy pays his bills the minute they hit his doorway and I do too, and since I am in charge of his finances right now we both were very confused.  It was a medical claim.  First of all we are confused because Daddy has good regular insurance and Medicare which most generally covers everything except for an occasional deductible.  We also have had his mail forw...more

How To Be A Great Patient: A Doctor’s Wish List

Given the state of our broken health care system, I feel like we doctors don’t have much right to ask our patients how to behave, since most of us are falling far short of how our patients would prefer we behaved. As a patient, you may feel rushed, unheard, and condescended upon. You may feel that your intuition is neglected and your questions aren’t answered. If you feel this way, let me apologize on behalf of my profession. SORRY!...more

Seasonique or Seasonal Freak?


Link between anesthesia and ADHD (and other learning disabilities) in young kids

There's some unsettling new data about a likely link between infants and toddlers being exposed to anesthesia and having cognitive struggles and/or learning disabilities. The theory is that general anesthesia can cause these deficits during "critical periods" of brain development....more


Is BMI an Accurate Gauge for Weight?


Excellent article!

You're right about BMI's imperfections. While absolute BMI (the actual ...more

11 Natural Treatments For Depression: An MD's Tips For Skipping The Prozac

As an MD, I’ve watched too many of my colleagues yank out anti-depressant samples every time a patient starts to cry. So on behalf of physicians everywhere, let me apologize for our trigger-happy prescription-writing behavior. I don’t mean to diminish the pain someone who is depressed might experience. But tears are healthy. Sadness doesn’t always need treatment. And it’s important to remember that the pain muscle and the joy muscle are the same. If you can’t feel one, you won’t feel the other....more

Lissa, thanks for offering a physician's view on this. Instead of talking about my manipulative, ...more