Owning Your Inner Nerd

Wait.....seriously? I'm A Mom??

Well world....I'm finally a mom. Truly a scary thought. I never thought this would happen to me. I mean I have dreamed about becoming a mom since I was 5, literally. If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always: A MOM. See?...more

Let's Be Honest

Happy Birthday, Dear Headache

So, two years ago last night we were at Disney World. Tink and Z were in the pool; Gary and I were sitting side-by-side in lounge chairs, imbibing something surprisingly strong to have been mixed at the happiest place on earth. The next morning, I woke up with Headache. ...more

Waiting and Watching (and Panicking)

          So I’m finding it a wee bit difficult to concentrate today because Tink has come down with a fever and sore throat. Well, more specifically, because she has come down with a fever and sore throat after getting the intranasal live-virus H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine on Monday. ...more

Heart to Heart: Women's Voices For Change

by Katharine Johnson ...more

It's broke, but don't fix it! Reflections on the Season 6 premiere of House, M.D.

**Spoiler Alert: may contain spoilers for Episode 6.1 of House. ** The 6th season of House kicked off Monday night with a 2-hour premiere that seemed to turn the show's direction on end.  Titled "Broken", it focused on broken hearts and minds rather than the broken body mysteries that have been central to most past seasons of the show.  It was a beautifully written episode, and it should have left me with the tears and warm fuzzies that come with tug-your-heartstrings television.  Yet oddly, I felt empty.  ...more

I agree with you about the "flat" moments.  They should have been more powerful and as I ...more

Rocket Science, Part 1

So, I was going to find movie star or at least movie character names for all our doctors. I’ve been finding it difficult – I think Dr. Loren was a pretty sad choice – but Gary has a real gift for it. When I decided to write about Maw’s old doctor, he immediately suggested Georgette Baxter, from the Mary Tyler Moore show. Absolutely perfect. Exactly what I wanted to convey about this person. So perfect, in fact, that I will be deferring to Gary for all doctor names now. ...more

Bad Timing and a Warning from the Universe: My ADHD Life

I hate scheduling dentist appointments. Not because I have dentist phobia. I’m cool with sharp implements scraping my gum-recessed teeth. Where I freak is when they call me ten minutes after the appointment time to ask where I am. It’s a sure thing. ...more

The dangerous overuse of antibiotics and creation of superbugs

For nearly the past month, my family and I have been battling a doozy of an upper respiratory infection, also known as a cold or the flu. It started with my daughter and quickly spread to my son and husband and finally to me all within about a week's time. The coughing, the phlegm, the runny nose, the aches, the fever, the gastrointestinal issues - we shared it all. Isn't family great?! ...more