Is a Fox Guarding Your Hen House?

 How do you know when a person giving you advice about something is also benefitting financially from you following that advice?   ...more

Oh, the Mi-iiiiiisery I Go Through

So I escape to the front step, a naughty child. Chastened. Massively guilty. And angrier than ever. I look at the truck and think of leaving, for good. Of calling Maw and saying, you’ll just have to get somebody else. I see the throngs of people out, on this warm September night. Jogging, skateboarding, walking their dogs. What would our lives be like, without Maw and Paw?...more

Oh the Pain of Loving You

    So, I am not sure what to say. I have upset Maw. She has been in the bed five days with a virus of some kind (I have been telling people she caught the bubonic plague in the emergency room, but that’s not what she’s upset about.) ...more

Rocket Science, Part 3

I think it’s an understatement to say that this really rattled me. Hot tears erupted all over my new therapist. (What should I call her? Clearly, C.J. Craig. Hah. Didn’t even need Gary for that one.) I wanted to know if somehow I was causing Maw’s nausea. Claudia Jean put the kibosh on that idea. “Maybe she just tries harder not to do it when your husband’s around because she doesn’t feel comfortable with him,” she offered. ...more

September is Menopause Awareness Month

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

Rocket Science, Part 2

      Enter Maw’s new doctor. (Gary’s never met her, so he’s no help in picking out a character name.) The thing is, this lady actually looks like Patti Duke, so trying to name her something else hurts my brain. She looks so much like Patti Duke I almost, almost, asked her if she used to be an actress. But then I quickly calculated that she can’t be any more than five years older than me, so she couldn’t really be Patti Duke. I do think she qualifies as a miracle worker, though. Okay. Dr. Anne Sullivan. (You know. Helen Keller? Annie Sullivan? The Miracle Worker?) ...more

This Intolerable Situation, Concluded

So what she said was, “There’s no way you’re going to be able to do this.” She stared at me, with a kind of Am I being punk’d? half-smile on her face, like she just couldn’t believe how naïve I was. ...more

This Intolerable Situation, Continued

  So to be honest, I wasn’t that upset when Maw and Paw locked themselves inside the car. I actually thought it was kind of funny, with that “intolerable situation” line still running through my head, and Paw peering out the window at me with his expressionless face and bird-blue eyes. ...more

Nice to meet you too...

This kind of thing could ONLY happen to me.   ...more

I think a lot of men get to a point  in their life where they realize that women do have ...more

The blog that will make men wince....

....but doctors should read. I hate, with a passion, going to the gynecologist. Other women make it sound like it's no big deal. They're biggest concern is if they should wax or shave before going. I always hear about how with the pap smear there'll be "a little pinch." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! A "little pinch"?! It's never been a little pinch with me. It's always been an intense, insane, raging, screaming, BURNING pain. To me it's pure torture. I barely have to be touched and I'm crying. ...more

Hi there,

I just stumbled across your post. I was wondering if you ever looked into the ...more