Why Patients Should Work With Practices Which Have Implemented EHR In Their Clinics

Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is not only beneficial to the medical community, but also patients. On a basic level, an EHR provides a digitized version of the “paper chart” you often see doctors and nurses using. It’s also a technology-based and convenient way to report and share health information between doctors and patients....more

Surgery Taught Me A Lesson In Humility

 When you do your pre-op visits and your doctor goes over the chances of X, Y, and Z happening to you, in the back of your mind you think that is for his other patients and not you. Then after your surgery that went so well the X, Y, and sometimes Z does happen....more

Are TV Doctor Shows a Valid Source of Information?

Are TV Doctor Shows a Valid Source of Information? From the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center via My Soulful LifeBy Clearissa Coward’s Command Center – ...more

In Defense of Fat Doctors

One of the cool things about people actually reading my blog is all of the topic suggestions that get thrown my way.  Some of them I shrug off because they seem corny, or obvious, or too controversial (even for me), but this weekend my dear friend (who should probably remain anonymous) plopped a fabulous one right in my lap. "You need to blog about my visit to the doctor!"So here I am...blogging about someone else's doctor visit....more

Angels as doctors

Taken from women.thenet.comAngels come in whatever form to our lives. My recent experience with grand daughter Susane Lorete Palmes showed that angels also come wearing the crisp, white uniforms of doctors....more

These 2 Female Doctors in Somaliland Helped a 6-year-old Boy Walk Again

Samahope's Dr. Shukri and Dr. Naima are the first ever female doctors at the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital. In Somaliland, where all women are expected to get married at a very young age and to stay at home with their family to take care of their children, this is an incredible accomplishment....more

No. It Can't be That Part I

 Sadly, we're back from Italy and back to real life. Which for me includes hip surgery, for the 2nd time. Actually, for the 3rd and 4th time since I had both hips operated on about three years ago. They won't do them at the same time so it was two separate go rounds, three months apart....more