Even the Pediatrician’s Got You Figured Out, Sister

I took my twins to their fifteen-month checkup last week. Alone. I always get nervous when I take them alone, lest an anarchy stronger than the current one take hold.Luckily, I had it covered, save from them trying to eat their Goldfish and apple slices off a floor that clearly hadn’t been swept, pretty much, ever. One of those things you’d never have the luxury of knowing unless you’re a mother. Of twin toddlers. In a pediatrician’s office....more

The Big Question

Baby Boy had his 4-year well-baby check up today. The nurse jumped right in with a plethora of judgmental questions that had me lying quite early in the morning. "Can he draw a person with more than three parts?" she asked. "He's a regular Picasso!" (If scribbles in one color count.) "Can he stack a tower with more than 12 blocks?" "I think he will be an architect!" (He usually smashes then down by number 7, but I am sure he could...) "Does he know fantasy from reality?"...more
No, he doesn't have to.  Let him be batman.  My son still likes to be spiderman.  I have gotten ...more

Starting a Healthy Midlife Tradition

Midlife is full of nostalgia. Sharing memories of friendship, laughter and school. Remembering the all-night study sessions, the all-night parties and all the mornings after. Homecoming weekend and final exams. Your first date, a marriage, your first child -- year after year of life's greatest moments. Conversations at midlife are filled with "remember when" and "back-in-the-day." ...more