15 Documentaries for Kids to Watch During the Slow Days of Summer

During the summer months we don't apply as much pressure on Pie to focus on school. She's able to spend those three months following her own passions, exploring new things, and adventuring outside of school. However, we do urge her to do things like write letters, read books, and learn new things. ...more

#Kindawesome and my new short journey

This past year has been one of transition and newfound joy!Beginning a new concept can be both scary and invigorating!WE LOVE MOVIES! So spear-heading a new campaign to support Indie filmakers, documentary makers, webisodes and shorts is a journey I am adoring.I hope you will follow us as we embark on bringing the brightest, award-winning talent to the world. WE will need your support and well wishes, count on that....more

A Conversation with Filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia

As consumer awareness grows and health concerns deepen over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food, agriculture documentaries are being released by the bushel. But eight years ago, filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia (also the widow of Jerry Garcia) first made waves with her startling 2004 documentary, The Future of Food. BlogHer GREEN decided to check in with DKG and see how she views the current food movement and if she sees a new "future" in the food revolution. ...more

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Have you ever felt guilty about watching your favorite sporting event or drama instead of the documentary that you should be watching?...more

It was very shocking! I couldn't believe the money this industry is making for basically just ...more

Sharks: They're Gonna Need A Bigger (PR) Boat

While last week's fatal shark attack on a kiteboard surfer in Florida is being called a "freak accident" by local media, mankind's abrupt re-entry into the food chain is never good for the offending beast. Sharks have long suffered bad PR and 201 shark species (out of 440) are now on the endangered list. ...more

I agree that our behavior certainly has to be tempting the shark into taking more of an ...more

What Makes You Human?

Do you ever feel that we spend too much time talking about how we're different? Some of us spend a lifetime dissecting others by race, gender, nationality, culture, and political leanings, and so it's refreshing to see a documentary that asks what makes us the same: What do we all share in common? ...more

In answer to your question, Do you ever feel that we spend too much time talking about how ...more

Cheap, green, and easy: Watch funny eco-documentaries online -- free!

So you didn't see that well-reviewed green film in the theaters because you didn't want to fork over $12 for a ticket -- and didn't rent it either because you decided to spend the $4 on snacks and watch TV instead. Well, thanks to Hulu still being free and Netflix's "Play on computer" options, you can watch the great green documentaries you missed RIGHT NOW -- without spending a cent (assuming you're a Netflix member)! ...more

Darius, his Wheelchair and a Bunch of Dudes in a RV Will Change Your Life

It is difficult to write about the acclaimed, award winning documentary "Darius Goes West" without using phrases that have become cliche or superlatives that are tossed about casually and excessively these days. That said, I will tell you that this is a film that is deeply moving and offers profound, life changing lessons. The film was made by novice film makers on a low budget and it shows. It is not the most technically sophisticated piece of movie making you will ever see but I am certain that it is a piece of art that will remain with me. ...more

Hello to the Blogher Community

Hello everyone! I've commented on some political blogs but so far, haven't done anything on my own topic, which is about finding cool, unusual, smart movies for kids (DVD ideas, basically). I guess the impetus was looking around one day for ideas for non-current/commercial films online, for family viewing, and seeing there wasn't really anyone doing it.  I'm a film and media freak, formerly of San Francisco, and now living in Maine, so it was an enjoyable task for me to take on. ...more