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Travel Where You Live

 What if instead of planning a trip to an exotic, distant land or a sunny island, we go and start exploring what we have in your very own backyard? What if we live in the same way we travel?What if we go on a journey in front of our front porch?What if we would live every day, as if we´d been on a journey? ...more

My Son Went to War

My son went to war... and the weapon he carried was a camera....more

Infertility: The Movie

The full post appears on the Silent Sorority blog.“I don’t know how to deal with this…”That’s a common response, albeit usually unspoken, for people in the throes of reconciling an infertility diagnosis....more

PBS's "Makers" Chronicles the Fight for Womanhood as We Know It

MAKERS is a landmark digital and broadcast initiative from AOL and PBS showcasing compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. A three-hour documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Make America is now viewable online at PBS.org....more
I think you'll be able to watch on the website after tonight!more

"Mermaids: The Body Found": Stranger Than Fiction, Or Just Fiction?

Animal Planet billed it as a documentary. I caught wind of it on Twitter and immediately set my TIVO (or, y'know, the crappy cable company loaner I call a TIVO -- whatever). We put the kiddo to bed, and settled in to watch the two hour Charlie Foley piece Mermaids: The Body Found....more
Mermaids! I wish I had known it was on and would have watched it for sure.  Love Mermaids, and ...more

Director Simone Jude on her film Public Sex, Private Lives (SFW)

 From photographer Thomas Ruff's current show of porn imagery at the Gagosian to perennial discussions about the influence of porn on intimate grooming, sex workers lives have alot to do with everyone's sex life....more

''Educate Yourself: Watch Documentaries!!!''

Yesterday, whilst working on new jewellery pieces, I sat on my sofa watching two documentaries (I don't think I really need to point out that I wasn't watching them simultaniously, I am good at multi-tasking but that would be a stretch even for me!)....more

Dark Girls: Is Colorism Making a Comeback?

When it was recently announced that African-American producer Bill Duke was working on Dark Girls, a documentary on colorism within the Black community that will premiere in October at the Nashville Film Festival, the reaction was not only positive, but heartbreaking.Many Black women recounted their negative experiences on the websites that posted the documentary teaser. Some had been teased by schoolmates by family member and by men on the street, who made cruel comparisons between them and their lighter-skinned counterparts....more
As a dark skin African American woman, I can't say I've always longed to be light skin. ...more

(INTERVIEW) Christy Turlington Burns and Maternal Health

I'm sure many of you know Christy Turlington Burns from the catwalk, magazine spreads and television commercials. But I'm honored to introduce to you the mother-of-two, public health advocate and director of No Woman, No Cry, a documentary about maternal mortality worldwide. ...more


Couples counseling, PPD, BirthTouch(R) Training for Birth ...more