Daphne Pinkerson, Director of HBO's "Triangle: Remembering The Fire"

When visiting my aunt in Washington Square, I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed where the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred, unaware the building still existed in the NYU sprawl. It’s strange how certain events make it into schoolbooks, others disappearing into thin air. One hundred years later, Daphne Pinkerson’s film Triangle: Remembering the Fire, tells the personal stories of those affected by the tragedy that changed US worker’s rights forever. ...more

That's what Daphne and I spoke about at length. My hope is that filmmakers humanizing tragedies ...more

Month of Movies: Academy Blows It by Barring Banksy from Attending Oscars in Disguise

Let's pretend you are a producer of the Academy Awards show or a member of the esteemed organization that hosts the annual event. You are compelled to keep your show exciting, rewarded with viewers and relevant to a worldwide audience with increasing competition for their attention every year. So someone nominated for an award this year wants to attend, but he needs to attend in disguise, his face covered to protect his anonymity. Kind of cool, right? What would you do? ...more

I'm going to go against popular opinion -- not anti-Banksy, but he sort of ruined it for me with ...more

Oprah's OWN Kicks Off the New TV Year

Last weekend's launch of Oprah Winfrey's new cable TV network, OWN, was a milestone in TV history and Oprah history: a self-made, black woman starting her own television network using her personal life lessons as the guiding vision for all the programming. It's all Oprah, all the time, even when she's not actually in the show you're watching. Based on the few shows I've sampled, Oprah's off to a flying start. ...more

We are on the same system and have the same problem. I found OWN over the weekend on Comcast On ...more

Your kids need to know!

We all know that teaching our kids to be polite and respect other people is pretty important. What about teaching our kids to respect the earth, how many parents make this a priority?...more

Really, I love cleaning poop!

           Sometimes, I find when you do something quite often it is easy to get discouraged and want to run out the nearest exit and scream “I quit!”....more

(VIDEOS) Women's Voices, Days to Never Forget: The YouTube Life In A Day Project

There are compelling videos that will make you pay attention or engage your heart. Some of the videos are point and shoot narratives and others are skillfully crafted. The Life in a Day Video Gallery is now open for exploration. Many of us can clearly remember the end of a relationship, but what about the early recollections of just a normal day? ...more

Spoiler alert - stop if you haven't watched:

He just couldn't say it. He felt it, just the ...more

YouTube Wants Your Video for A Life In A Day Project

On July 24, 2010, YouTubers, videobloggers, mobile recorders and all manner of visual recording creative people will be focused on recording the entire day. A Life in A Day is going to be a global, multi-lingual experiment to create a documentary movie that is open to the entire planet. ...more

If there could be contributions from diverse populations that is what would make it a success. ...more

"Blessed is the Match:" The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh on PBS

I'd never heard of Hannah Senesh before recently watching the documentary, Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh. After learning her story, I can't help but be reminded how ordinary individuals can do extraordinary things when prompted by extreme circumstances. ...more

Now I have to watch this...amazing.


In "Split Estate," Homeowners' Land and Rights Are Sold Right From Under Them

The push to expand domestic oil and gas drilling in the United States is creating some vexing dilemmas for homeowners who complain about what some companies are doing under the surface of their land. According to a new documentary, Split Estate, energy companies that obtain drilling rights on private lands are subjecting homeowners to toxic pollutants, ruining their livelihoods and generally wreaking havoc with the quality of their lives. At the same time, some homeowners and municipalities see the practice as a lucrative opportunity, and energy companies insist they make every effort to respect homeowners rights. Meanwhile, proposed legislation in the House and Senate that would force some drilling companies to disclose information about the toxins they produce is stuck in committee. ...more

Thanks for reading and commenting, Maria. One of the things that surprised me when I was ...more

The Revival: A Documentary About Women In Hip Hop

Back in October of 2008, BlogHer's Suzanne asked "Where Are The Women In Hip Hop?"...more