The Revival: A Documentary About Women In Hip Hop

Back in October of 2008, BlogHer's Suzanne asked "Where Are The Women In Hip Hop?"...more

Review of America the Beautiful documentary and Contest to win a Limited Edition DVD of the film

One of the first questions Darryl Roberts asks in his documentary America the Beautiful is “Who benefits from women not feeling beautiful?” As the film spends the next 105 minutes trying to find the answers to that question, you witness the full impact of our obsession with beauty through tales of girls with eating disorders, plastic surgeries gone wrong, and the whirlwind modeling career of Gerren Taylor who did her first runway shows at the age of 12. ...more

The babies are coming... (to a theater near you)

Four new babies.Four places on earth.One year in their lives..Babies: The Movie features one year in the life of four new babies, from birth to first steps, in four very different places on earth--the U.S., Japan, Mongolia, and Namibia. The 2010 documentary is produced by Focus Features....more

The Age of Stupid premier: An eco everywhere event with Franny Armstrong, Thom Yorke

Eco-leaders always get this inevitable question at Q&As: What's one thing that I can do to combat climate change (or save the environment)? Ask eco-inspirational director Franny Armstrong, and you'll get perhaps the most inspiring -- and toughest -- answer of all: Examine your own life -- and maybe change it, big time, to do what makes a difference. ...more

to the one night event next Monday. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you will review it ...more

I Love National Parks, Don't You?

My husband and I love National Parks. Before we were married, we spent several Christmases in Yosemite. We got engaged at the Grand Canyon at the beginning of a road trip across the Southwest where we visited Zion, Arches and Goblin Valley (a very cool State Park). ...more

The one of your kitty was very cute too (:

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Garbage Dreams Sweeps Up Accolades with a Compelling Story of Trash Salvagers

When I see films in our big chain movie theater, I like to get the mega-large soft drink. They have a good fountain, and I like to have the big, iceburg of a drink to share throughout the movie, and then get a refill to take home. It's a bit obscene, I think it's 64 ounces and crammed with ice, and takes two hands to carry. Do you ever look in the trash cans on the way out of the theater? The cups and buckets are huge. I'm lucky if I don't spill half of my drink, and then I have the crappy, soggy cup to contend with. It's a bad habit. ...more


Thanks for this article. Last night, unable to sleep, I happed upon a show Wasteland ...more

Something Wonderful Is Happening In Michigan

by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger ...more

Announcing a fun event and a CONTEST too!  A great friend of mine has produced and directed an indie film called Beer Wars.  The movie is very compelling and will be showing on one day only at 440 theaters across the nation on April 16.   Ben Stein is hosting the event LIVE in LA... pretty cool stuff! ...more

International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, women around the world join together in ...more