8 Tips for Taking Better Camera Phone Photos This Year

I'll start off by admitting the obvious: I am by no means a mind-blowing photographer. A lengthy scroll through my 1,600 Instagram photos, if you dare, will tell the tale of improvement; although there still are plenty of hastily taken and posted photos. However, I did do that art school thing: I'm clear about the basic principles/elements of design and composition, blah blah blah....more
Great tips! I have a good Nikon, but I've been just as happy with some of the photos I take with ...more


pharrell williams made the academy awards. well, ellen degeneres and pharrell did, but his performance of "happy"? it's totally worth a google if you missed it. the song has been on repeat at our house and has inspired more than a few living room dance parties. in fact, when we woke up to snow and another (!) day off, we declared "happy" our theme song....more

Funny Santa Photos With Even Funnier Captions

Ahhh, the obligatory Santa photo. It’s been around as long as the fat man himself. Or, er, the camera anyway. Thousands of downright hilarious Santa photo bloopers have been around just as long too. They now reside online of course, so Mom and Dad can sit down on the eve of Christmas with a tall glass of egg nog and enjoy a good laugh before the serious business of Christmas begins....more

First and Last Visits to the North Pole

Cross-posted on Living Off Script, originally posted on 12/20/12: First and Last Visits to the North Pole -- no do's, just don'ts...more

Capturing a Christmas Miracle

Every year, like many families, we try to send out a holiday card. I've been doing this since Nico's first Christmas, 14 years ago. Each year, my holiday card includes a photo (or several photos) and a newsletter. Yes, I am that kind of mom. The one who writes about her family in a yearly recap, although I like to think my recaps are kind of cleaver, since I try to write them in prose or to the tune of a Christmas carol....more