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Searching out hidden gluten sources

I loved my dog.  Madeline (a golden retriever/Rhodesian ridgeback cross) was part of our family for nearly 16 years. I dearly miss her.What I don't miss, however, is the gluten that was added to her treats and pet food. As a typical dog owner, I know that dogs can and will eat just about anything, including things that aren't so healthy. What I didn't expect was finding modified food starch (gluten) in both "healthy" dog foods and treats. Since when do dogs eat wheat?...more

Homemade Dog Food

You owe it to your best friends to reward them for their unconditional love, and what better ...more

Hit List

The neighbors are trying to kill our dog.At least, that's what my son keeps telling people. Yesterday, our neighbors brought over a huge bag of dog food for Mattie. Their dog didn't like it, so instead of throwing it out, they thought of us. Unbeknownst to me, there was a recall of this dog food announced yesterday.When the phone rang this morning, I heard my mother's food...Salmonella...passes to humans....more

My Baby Eats Dog Food?!!!

  The Joy of Mothering ...more

How to Read a Pet Food Label

I’ve written a lot about nutrition lately, and about what foods I recommend.  The progression from most desirable to least desirable, and this goes for cats as well as dogs, is raw food, grain-free canned food, any canned food, and grain-free dry food.  I do not recommend dry food ...more

Rachael Ray Launches Line of Dog Food for Charity

You gotta love Rachael. She just launched a new line of dog food, Nutrish for Pets. ...more

Six Ways to Save Money on Healthy Pet Foods

Although pets can be an expensive addition to any household, I wouldn't give them up for anything. I learned through painful lessons with a previous pet that feeding them cheap foods full of god-knows-what in order to save a few bucks is not worth it in the long run. Lower-quality foods often lead to weight gain, which--just as with humans--can lead to diseases like diabetes and increased risk of some cancers. ...more