Pets on the Bed: Can You Win?

In an effort to focus on less stuff and more of what makes my house a home, I can't possibly leave out our little 40-pound monster. He's by far the thing that makes me feel most like going home at the end of a bad day, because he greets us at the door with a wagging tail and (literally) jumping up for joy. He can barely handle going outside long enough to pee before he wants to run right back into the house to be near us. It's the greatest thing when you've had a rough day, and I honestly couldn't do without it anymore....more
We have Boxers, which tend to be pretty cuddly as a breed. Add to that living in New England and ...more

Sayonara Mr. Roboto

As time goes on I am beginning to notice a few differences between M (my significant other, partner, love connection?) and myself.  First off,   he makes the bed. Every morning.  Super weird, right? He doesn't like clutter.  Also, he believes if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.  I believe if something is worth doing, I will do it until I get bored, and then go tweet my breakfast.  Also,  he actually SEES the dog hair on the floor while I wade blissfully unaware, albeit covered in a fine coating, through it....more