Baby The Rain Must Fall! A True Test For Dog Lovers.

November 30th:

Does my dog really need a doggy high chair?

I know the dog is a part of the family, but does Fido really need a high chair? My three dogs eat on the floor! Now I am feeling kinda guilty. Dogs eat together with their pack in the wild, so it is only logical that a dog would love a high chair... Or, would he?...more

eHarmony for Pets: ASPCA's "Meet Your Match"

Spring is here and we've got puppies on our mind. The Obama's first dog Bo is set to arrive tomorrow and it seems like the whole country is thinking about adopting a dog. ...more

Going Green: Green Gifts for your BFF

With the holidays starting this week, the mad rush to get those last minute presents begins. Making a list and checking it thrice to make sure you have gifts for everyone naughty and nice. Especially those who have loved you all year long regardless of how busy you have been. Those who wait patiently until you come home and then welcome you with loving kisses. Those who don’t care if you have brushed your teeth before they snug you and those who jump to bring you your slippers. ...more