One Year of Ollie

Ollie (aka Ollivander Rutledge Dellinger) had his one year adoption anniversary with us a couple weeks ago. We’re not really sure when he was born, but the vet estimated that he was about one and a half when we adopted him. To keep it simple, I decided that Ollie and Jack share a birthday… so they are both 2 ½ now.Hope Jack doesn’t get a complex about it. Or Ollie. Because frankly the dog is a bit of a diva and it would be JUST like him to get a complex over sharing his birthday.I guess the most important thing to say is: Ollie is not Potter....more

Your Best Valentine Ever Might Be Waiting For You at Your Local Animal Shelter

A dog's mission is a simple one: I'll be your Valentine every day of the year.  Once in a while, right in the middle of just another ordinary day, love brings you something extraordinary--a soul mate. In fact, you just might discover your forever love at an animal shelter near you.Looking to adopt a dog or cat? Check out these links:...more

are my two rescue dogs and cat-

My soul mates and family...
Scully, Dovi and ...more

Shelter dog of the week: Romo the German Shepherd puppy [UPDATED]

Romo is a 5-month-old German Shepherd mix with lots of personality. He wants to play, play, play. He would make the perfect addition to an active family. He has survived a very tough life as an abandoned puppy. Now he is ready to find a forever home. ...more

Thanks for your support, Denise.
Molly is a sweet dog and I'm sure she will find a wonderful ...more

Adopting Daisy: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected

After endless days and hours on the internet last May I stopped at this picture, called out to Amos that I had found THE ONE, and without waiting for his approval, I filled out an application, paid the adoption fee and waited for an answer from the agency. ...more