Why A Serious Dog Bite Is Grounds For A Personal Injury Claim

Getting attacked or bitten by a dog that you don’t own is a serious matter. You could be going out for a run or playing in the park when all of a sudden you’re attacked and bitten out of nowhere. It’s good to be informed about what action you should take if you find yourself in this situation....more

dear little friend of mine...

A few weeks ago, while searching for something interesting to post for Throwback Thursday, I unearthed this smile-inducing photo of my Dad with our dog, Cookie....more

Why Do You Have/Own a Dog?

This is a question I want to pose to some of my neighbors. Are some of the dogs just guard dogs? Are they like ornaments of the yard?   I know there are variety of reasons to have a dog. I shouldn’t be judgmental because what life I give my dog may not be for his best interest, or his liking, or the best life he can have. But…   ...more

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How Your Dog Is Helping Your Mental Health

It's a familiar scene for me: I wake up to a sound that just barely registers at the edge of my mind. A flurry of movement under the comforter and a bark accompany it. I fell asleep before my husband came home from work, and a glance at the alarm clock suddenly frays my nerves -- there's no way the dogs are greeting him, not this early. It's probably nothing. Then again......more

Walter on Positive Pet/Vet Training.

 Thanks for not mentioning my big nasty scab. I woke up last week with a corgi toenail inside my ear....more

20 reasons why dogs are better company than husbands

Who doesn’t love a cute snuggly puppy? It provides you with unconditional love, and watching them chase their tail is more entertaining than watching TV.When we got our beautiful baby Ava, and then Beau, I wondered why anyone needs a hubby ever again?This is what my puppies taught me:...more

Preparing Your Pets To Meet Your Baby

Sometimes, just the thought of introducing your human baby to your furry babies can send a hormonal pregnant mama into an anxiety riddled tailspin! BUT, I promise that when done thoughtfully and purposefully, this introduction can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. ...more
What books or websites did you read while preparing?more