The Adventures of Abbey Dog: Part 1

She is the slobbery kissing, stair-surfing, fly-biting, triple-pooping, field mouse hunting, hairiest dog that I have included in my family for the past 8 years....more

The Best Darn Decision Ever!!!

 1 year! 12 months! 52 weeks! 365 days! 8760 hours! 525,600 minutes! 31,536,00 seconds!! Those are the numerical value of a year (not really sure if that’s right, lol) But what is the real meaning of a year?! I never really stopped and looked at how much had changed in a year. I guess I was like most people and only saw the BIG changes, like birth death, job change, material objects obtained, etc. We tend to think our lives didn’t change because nothing BIG happened. Rest a sure, everyday your life changes in little subtle ways....more