After the demise of DOMA, what's next for legally married GLBT's living in a state that does not recognize their union

Well, boys and girls, we've made some progress.  The Supreme Court declared portions of DOMA unconstitutional, paving the way for many legally married gays and lesbians to access a host of federal benefits that they had previously been denied.  As an "until recently married" lesbian, I did not realize the full extent of DOMA, ie. that it affected over 1000 federal statutes....more

Supreme Court Ruling | DOMA Unconstitutional

Last week, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional "as a matter of equal protection." DOMA was signed into law in 1996 by President Clinton....more

Defense of Marriage Act: Is the Fight for Gay Rights Stifling Freedom of Opinion?

I am happy for the progress that our country is making in the fight for gay rights. The recent Supreme Court decision to strike down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act was a huge step forward in equal rights for all people; something I wholeheartedly support. ...more

I hold THESE truths to be self-evident....

     I love the South.  I love the food, the folks, and the kind conversation.  That being said, I will admit that watching parts of the world march on while many of my fellow Southerners plant their heels firmly in the past to be more than a bit disturbing.  But hold up ya'll!  Just a minute!...more

Same-Sex Marriage Victory, Voting Rights Loss: My Roller Coaster

How am I to feel when the Supreme Court decides today that my partner and I could potentially be legally married, but my daughters—both Black—had their future voting rights threatened by the striking down of a key aspect of the 1965 Voting Rights Act yesterday?...more
@Rita Arens  @Nordette Adams In family law, this is the only area in which states can deny the ...more

Gay Marriage Bans Don't Help Children, or Society

In light of the Supreme Court reviewing Prop. 8 and DOMA this week, a personal realization has come to light: If you had asked me ten years ago if same-sex marriage mattered to me, my answer would have been, “meh.”In fact, at my extra-legal wedding, (ten years ago in June) that was my answer when someone asked me if my partner and I would be traveling to Canada to marry where it had recently become legal....more
@Hellz_Belle Awww... thanks! You are too kind.more

SCOTUS on Prop 8 and DOMA

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for and against California's Prop....more

The Defense of Marriage Act is Challenged, But Not Enough

[Editor's Note: On Thursday, a federal appeals court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional. BlogHer Shannon LC Cate explains why - and what could happen in the future. --Grace]...more
@BlogHer ALL sexualities should have the SAME right to marry/parent. Thing is...negative ...more

Anti-Gay Marriage Proposition 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

Today holds particular importance to families like mine. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled today that Proposition 8 -- a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California -- is not valid under the U.S. Constitution, a step that could lead to the right to marry nationwide. ...more
Very well said! I was discussing this issue with my 14 year old son and I am so hopeful that we ...more