Checking In

I was walking through the mall one day, with my new boyfriend, when I saw you with your new girlfriend.  I don’t think you saw me. Did you know I was there?  My boyfriend almost called an ambulance because of my reaction.I froze.I hyperventilated.I collapsed.Behind a pillar, next to the bookstore.  It all came rushing back you see – a year after we parted.  A year after you threw me down the stairs and pushed me into the hood of my car. Before you smashed the windshield in with a single leap through the air....more

My Husband Is a Bigger Feminist Than I Am

My husband may be even more of a feminist than I have turned out to be. In my defense, I am concerned and offended that our society is drenched in overly sexualized images of girls and women. I oppose the seemingly dominant idea, the lie, that youth and rail-thinness are essentials for female beauty and sexuality. I am bewildered that women “earned” the right to vote only 90 years ago; concerned that only 75 out of 535 members of the U.S....more

Washing Dishes...Again

When we moved to our new home eight months ago, I was worried. You see, our new home has no dishwasher. And I had kind of made a personal vow that I would never move to another home without a dishwasher again until all my kids had left the nest....more

I'd have to say laundry machine because I have 2 active boys (counting my husband!). We have a ...more

The Quest for Peace on Earth: Domestic Violence & the Holidays

Missing Boys I recently read a heart wrenching story about three young brothers from Michigan who are now missing after a court-ordered visit with ...more

Recipe for Happiness: Just Add Time

In the midst of double-booked meetings, anxious client emails, and international conference calls, I am actually doing fine this week.  While work is hectic, it's only one part of my life-- and a part that isn't taking over the rest of my sanity.  In fact, I can honestly say I'm very happy right now.  Maybe that's weird, and it may be partially due to my rehab from the trauma of academic medicine, but regardless, that's how it is. ...more

Pleasantly Surprised

Convo with my mother via phone earlier this week: Mom: You know, Mic, you've really surprised me with your domesticity and your little creative ways. Because when you were growing up I really didn't think...I mean, I didn't see it coming. Me: What? really? what does that even mean? Mom: Well, you know, like the house stuff and the crafty stuff. Just didn't see it coming, that's all. For awhile there, you just... you know. Me: Ummm, I am so writing this down. ...more

In A Pickle

For several years now I have been making my own housecleaning products or using all natural ones. The fact that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, at 45 years old, has just ramped up my paranoia about environmental factors which lead to cancer. So, I have accordingly ramped up my efforts to live a more chemical free life. ...more

I used to really like the smell of vinegar. Now, not so much. But still, vinegar and baking ...more