The Girl With The Horsey Tattoo

I remember the smell in the room the first time I saw her (after far too many years) - this stranger who was my sister. It was the smell of death and bad breath, mixed with some cleaning solvent trying to mask the obvious - a hospital's distinctive cologne. Lying in the hospital bed, the machines breathing for her, I remember the  rise and fall of her chest, with each artificial breath. Tubes and tattoos her only accessories. Head bound with protective bandages, covering the reason I had just flown these 2,000 miles. It was like I had just seen my sister for the first time in my life....more

Who Am I? A Look at the Victims of Domestic Violence

Who am I? I am your mother, your daughter, your sister, your co-worker, your neighbor and your friend.  I am your nurse, your hair stylist, your chiropractor and your son’s piano teacher.  I am the lady in line next to you at the grocery store.  I am the woman sitting beside you Sunday morning at church.  And I am a victim of domestic violence....more

Domestic Violence: When Love Becomes Tainted by Larry Miller

 One in every four women will experience some form of domestic violence in her lifetime....more

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Remember That Love Doesn't Hurt

The first time someone I (thought I) loved slapped me, I was stunned into silence. I was 16, he was 24, and while there were so many things wrong with our pairing, the physical and emotional abuse were the worst. How does a 16-year-old respond to a hard slap across the cheek in response to saying something he would later say made him feel like "less of a man", when he is bigger and is much stronger? My ears ringing, I paused, completely silenced and stunned that he would strike out at me rather than discuss whatever I said that upset him. It seemed excessive, and I found myself (oddly) doing more to make sense of it than process it as wrong....more
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Good morning Some of you may have noticed my disappearance and then subsequent tweets to GMP, I was not a happy lady! I am a very big supporter of our Police, I think on the whole they do a bloody marvellous job and having worked alongside some of our constabularies as well as Police Scotland I know that many officers are as frustrated as the general public at our justice system and the government cut backs....more


Hi everyone I hope you are all enjoying the weekend....more

Kink Only Hurts When You Want It To

October is Domestic/Intimate Partner Awareness Month...more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: One Mom Stood Up

One upon a time there was an 18-year-old-girl named Sarah*. He'd tell her that he would kill her if she left him. He had a gun. She knew because he had placed it to her head before. He'd beaten her so severely before she thought she could die if he didn't stop. So what would keep him from killing her if she left him? Not a damn thing. So she stayed and she tried to keep him happy. Walking on thin cracked ice and trying not to fall through. Trying to obey his rules to the letter but the rules kept changing and she couldn't keep up....more
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Blown Away...

Not sure how or why it happened, and today of all days, my birthday... Our new place that I held up on a pedistal is not going to happen. I wonder if I had too high of expectations wrapped up into this move and the new house? Maybe I thought it was going to fix everything. ...more

Moving... On...

Well, I signed the lease today and faxed it over to the owner. It doesn't feel real, but I am moving, in 5 days. Here I go-tears starting to flow. I am leaving a wretched time in my life and home full of memories I want to forget ever happened. I loved her. I cared for her. I lost myself helping to save her life though. She was so different in the end. I still hear her yelling... name calling... I wake up each night scared that she is on her way home from a long night at work, and will be taking it out on me when she walks in the door-then I remember she is gone....more