A couple months ago I blogged about a man I know- the blog was titled "Gilded Mediocrity"- here's the link: http://nokomis-daughterofthemoon.blogspot.com/2011/08/guilded-mediocrity.html ...more
This was a difficult post for me to publish. I think about this dilemma everyday. The fact that ...more

What If "Love" Hurts? #ITTTD

On Thursday, I did something really important.  As a member of BlogHer, I participated in the 8th annual It's Time to Talk Day (#ITTTD) [http://www.loveisnotabuse.com], a national day of dialogue and awareness for domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating abuse sponsored by Liz Claiborne, Inc. Bloggers, members of the press, and government officials were invited to spend time with advocates who are dedicated to lessening the acts and the effects of domestic violence. ...more

Unsilencing Violence: Where Abuse Survivors Tell Their Stories

Back in early 2009, just after I launched ViolenceUnSilenced.com, a well meaning friend essentially asked me "What’s the point?" It’s not that she didn’t care about victims of domestic violence—she’s a survivor herself, and is very active in her advocacy community. She thinks speaking out is great in theory, but that it should be attached to something more tangible, such as fundraising for a specific charity, agency or shelter. She didn’t think "just talking about it" was enough.Her comment threw me....more
I have my own blog! http://rachelecoon.wordpress.com/  .. many of my own stories have been ...more

We Have to Take a Photo for Our Records

This is late in coming but I wanted to write about it anyway (from the week of 11/29/11) ...more

You Can Save A Woman's Life With Your Words

As bloggers, readers and writers, we all know how to use our words, so to speak. We can write to uplift, to make people laugh, to share pain, to support, to befriend, to make a connection, share news, urge action.But did you know your words on your blog could save a woman's life? By reaching out with a message and pathways to help at a moment she most needs to receive it?...more
Your post inspired me to send the link to a range of women in my life who have survived abuse in ...more

Why do women get abused?

Snoopy and I are very fond of the television program “Nammal Thammil” in the channel Asianet,which is a discussion/debate session on various issues in the society.Last weekend the discussion was about the tragic death(murder?) of Soumya. For the ones who don’t know about her. Soumya was a 23-year-old woman, who was thrown out of a running train and raped last week. She died at Thrissur Medical College hospital after battling for life for six days. She was traveling from Cochin to her hometown in Shornur in a vacant ladies compartment.The accused ...more

Day 8: I Grew Up Too Soon #NaBloPoMo

The prompt today is a bit more serious than I usually like to write because I tend to not want to remember the bad things in my past much. But, I took the challenge, right? The Prompt: Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event. There have been a few defining moments in my life that I can honestly say have had a huge impact on me. Unfortunately, many of those moments are not good memories that I can look back on in reverie....more
I can relate. Why would a young woman who sees her mother as helpless have any idea that she, ...more

How Running Gave Me the Courage to Heal

The fact is stark but surreal, and I often have to remind myself that it is actually true, that I was once involved in an abusive relationship. The details are not important. What matters is that I was in the relationship for a very long time, that I was a teenager when the relationship started and a grown-up in my late 20s when it ended. What matters is that, had anyone else come to me and recounted the kinds of things I was enduring, I would have told them unequivocally that they needed to leave, get out, run far far away. Maybe what matters most of all is that I’m out. ...more
I am using running as a way to battle my way through depression, and it really is helping. I've ...more

Gross misrepresentation of the facts: Topeka City Council and Evangelical Christians wrongly accused

I rarely get mad, well not really often. But this misreporting made me furious. It demonstrates that bloggers need to check the sources behind the reporter's articles before posting.It has been repeated in the international media that the City Council in Topeka, Kansas has decriminalized domestic violence. Bloggers picked it up and regurgitated it as fact....more

In Defense of Women

I am a survivor of domestic violence.  I am reminded of the pain and fear every time I look in a mirror and see the scar that still exists on my face.  It's faded now as has the fear, but it's still there.  It always will be.And now Topeka, Kansas has decriminalized domestic battery.  The city manager has stated that he can't afford to prosecute these cases and needs to use his budget for "serious" crimes.  Obviously, he has never been on the receiving end of a loved one's fist....more