A Beautiful Mess: Confessions from the Second Closet

This is the manuscript she never intended to write. Borne from a story she wishes she had never lived. A Beautiful Mess: Confessions from the Second Closet begins with the original blog entry dated October 9, 2005, detailing the excitement felt over finally finding true love. It was never meant to be a novel and yet that is what it became....more

Is It Wrong to Laugh at Charlie Sheen's Public Breakdown?

After his sitcom Two and a Half Men shut down production, Charlie Sheen's public breakdown -- or whatever it is that's going in -- has been widely documented on a number of televised and radio interviews. And by "widely documented," I mean Charlie Sheen is everywhere. Everywhere. Just try to escape the Sheen this week. Go ahead, try....more

At first I had little sympathy for a multi-millionaire actor, when life is so tough for my ...more

Aasiya Hassan: To Him She Belongs And To Him She Returns

I’ve been thinking about Aasiya Hassan non-stop for two days. All I know about her is this: She was a Pakistani-American, a mother of two small children, a Muslim, a co-owner of a television station, and the victim of a horrific murder at the hands of her abusive husband. He was convicted yesterday of second degree manslaughter. According to the news reports, Mrs. Hassan had filed for divorce and her husband killed her a week later. Actually, he did more than kill her. He beheaded her. ...more

There's been extensive scholarly work on this idea... one theory (to which I ascribe) is that ...more

Somewhere in the Middle?

Should I have expectations or keep hold of hope? Expectations are bound to disappoint while hope can strengthen a weary heart. But then as Proverbs points out, “hope deferred makes the heart sick”. Shall I continue to seek out safe places in this world or should I seek to be one?...more

The Green Eyed Monster

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mockThe meat it feeds on.” Shakespeare’s Othello, Act III, Scene III Normal jealousy is a healthy part of most relationships if it is balanced. Each of us at some point has felt a tinge of jealousy toward our partner. Delusional or insane jealousy is much more explosive than the trivial green-eyed monster that we’ve heard about or experienced in our lives....more

Crossing the Line: Stalking Awareness Month

Paranoia While I have never been stalked, at least I don't think I have, the mere thought of it unnerves...more

Restraining (and regaining) Order

She sat next to me, in a white suit, slightly fuzzy, a striking contrast against her dark, brown skin and her dark hair pulled sleek, in a bun. She was large. I sort of wanted to crawl into her lap, which would have been entirely inappropriate, but was the clear extent of my emotional reasoning at the time....more

The Quest for Peace on Earth: Domestic Violence & the Holidays

Missing Boys I recently read a heart wrenching story about three young brothers from Michigan who are now missing after a court-ordered visit with ...more

The Colosseum Lights Up - Against violence to women

I interrupt my regular monthly report - Tante Belle Cose - to bring you Una Grande Bella Cosa:  November 25th marks the Int'l Day of Violence against Women, and on that day, Rome announced that the world's most loved symbol (well, not counting the WWF Panda) would serve as a torchlight for women the world over.  And, in a case of the wheels of democracy - or in Italy's case, bureaucracy - burning rubber, this initiative took root in only a fortn...more

I Had Ambitions and Dreams; Then I Went to Jail for Domestic Violence

October was Domestic Violence Awareness month. My month for domestic violence awareness was September. It has been nine years since I was arrested for attempted murder. It has been nine years that I have lived with the choice of that fateful day, September 2, 2001. How do you go from a good girl who has never ever been in trouble other than a traffic ticket, to walking into a jail with your love's blood on your shirt? ...more
Me and my little sister did live through domestic violence. Seeing their fights and trying to do ...more