Senate Passes Bill - Prevents Domestic Violence Victims from Being Evicted

The California Senate just passed Bill SB 782, which prevents landlords from evicting domestic violence victims. This new bill will encourage victims to defend themselves and not face eviction from their home. Eviction has discouraged victims, female and male, to file complaints of domestic violence or sexual assault. SB 782 will encourage women to step forward. ...more

New eBook Helps You Identify the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse Before It Becomes Physical

Recognizing intimate partner abuse is the first step to arresting it before it spirals out of control. However, when you’re in an abusive relationship and you're part of the dynamic, it's not possible to see the enigma as a whole. You see its details, but it's difficult to see the dynamic as a whole. Those in this situation may feel its many facets and know its ugly branches of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse and psychological abuse. But the full enigma often eludes and confuses many people until they are domestic violence survivors. ...more


This is a re-post of an old entry from my blog, that I wanted to add to My BlogHer:   ...more

Domestic Violence: WWJD?

This is a real treat-- not sure how this o ...more

Mother’s Day for Peace

I’d like to wish all of you mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day, and inspire you with a little bit of history about the original meaning of Mother’s Day. In 1872, Julia Ward Howe led the first Mother’s Day event, an anti-war observance in New York City. In honor of that event, Howe wrote her Mother’s Day Proclamation. Here’s an excerpt: ...more

BlogHer of the Week: tangobaby

We didn't select this post because it inspired a TV news segment, or even because it has placed a woman and her children in a safe place, away from violence for a night or two (while they are safe, there's still more to be done). ...more

I'm so grateful for the exposure and attention we've been getting from BlogHer. Thank you so ...more

Violence in Teen Relationships: Not Just for Heterosexual Girls

Back in the last century, when I was a teenager, I became a peer violence educator. The YWCA recruited and trained young women and men to conduct workshops at schools, youth groups, and other organized teen gathering places. We talked about the statistics of violence in teen relationships, the prevalence of which surprised me back then. I had thought that domestic violence was something that only affected adults. We talked about what people could do to help themselves or their friends if they were in an abusive situation. ...more

Ten years ago, I developed and tried to present in schools a program on sexual abuse in the ...more

I See a Child's Blood (The Revelus Tragedy)

The blues has come knocking at my door, dour-eyed and dressed up in its finest death suit, drenched in children's blood. I speak of the Revelus family tragedy, horror in Milton, Mass., this past weekend. We step into April, the month of foolish jokes and poetry, just in time to see a 5-year-old's head, severed from her body, rolling through a living nightmare to the slashed body of her 17-year-old sister, a budding poet. These girls go into the grave next to the brother that murdered them. ...more

Yes, we do need to get on our knees and pray for these people. This is absolutely sad..... I ...more

Thistle Farms gives women survivors hope and independence

This is Women's History Month and the history of women has always included violence against women and the destruction it brings. Women have had to learn to suvive, and learn, we have. There is an organization that has my deepest respect for the work they do in creating a climate of survival, independence, hope and respect for women. ...more