Oprah's advice to Rihanna

If he hit you ONCE, he will HIT YOU AGAIN! This 5 minute video captures the conversations held around the country. Rihanna is the victim of horrendous domestic violence (her mouth was filled with blood, she bent over to avoid fists in her face, he bit her). ...more

When the Justice System Fails: The Case of Rihanna

When I was a junior in college - my ‘year abroad’ was actually spent back home in St. Louis working at a local domestic violence agency. I went through extensive training, taught violence prevention education to middle school and high school students and I worked on the agency’s crisis line. ...more

Domestic Violence Resource

In the past couple of weeks, I have read too many articles about women getting into some sort of trouble.  It was just now when I read an update regarding the ongoing Rhianna (I really don't care if I spelled her name right or not) drama.  I hope her situation is not for publicity purposes but it's starting to seem that way.  Anyhoo, I came across an interesting related situation about a woman named Monica Paul.  She died by way of an abusive boyfriend and though she does not have a hit record, is a simpleton blonde with blue ey ...more

Bader Ginsburg Returns to High Court; Pens Decision Expanding Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

Returning to the US Supreme Court after treatment for pancreatic cancer, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg authored a 7-2 majority decision upholding a federal law prohibiting gun ownership by people with domestic violence convictions. (You can read the opinion, along with the dissent authored by Chief Justice Roberts. ...more

This is an important decision and undoubtedly will prevent some violence in the future -- I ...more

TV executive beheaded in Buffalo; husband charged -- what's Islam got to do with it?

Aasiya Zubair Hasan, 37, wanted to dispel post-9/11 stereotypes about American Muslims. In 2004, the Pakistani-born architect co-founded the Bridges TV satellite channel with her husband, Muzzamil Hasan, in their home in Orchard Park, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. That dream ended on Feb. 12 when Muzzamil Hazan walked into the town's police station and announced that Aasiya's dead body could be found on the floor of the Bridges TV offices. ...more


Violence UnSilenced

The past forty-eight hours have been exhilarating. They've been exhausting. They've been heartbreaking, and triumphant. I'm a mother of two daughters and I almost feel as if I've just given birth again and, in a way, I have. The baby is named Violence UnSilenced. ...more

My Boyfriend, My Batterer

Chris Brown and Rihanna are not an isolated incident -Jill Jordan, BettyConfidential.com The news that Chris Brown was arrested for violently attacking his girlfriend Rihanna shocked the world Sunday night, overshadowing all the Grammy hype. ...more

Thinking About Violence Against Women and Men

It is time for an edutainment type quiz. I’m going to show you a 41 second clip from a movie called The Public Enemy. In this scene, James Cagney and Mae Clarke are at the breakfast table.  It starts with a question. ...more

All hands on deck, there is much work to do. As the pass few weeks have shown there is still a ...more

Is Human Isolation Causing Alaska's Rape Epidemic?

According to the FBI, Alaska's reported forcible rapes per capita were two and a half times the national average. It also mentioned that Alaska has been the leading state with this crime statistic for many years. ...more

Sworn in Senator despite being accused of domestic violence


I am going to take a good look at your picture, because if I am ever in need of a jury of my ...more