Why I Will Not Remain Silent

“Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ―    Martin Luther King Jr. Today a friend remarked that he didn't understand how I could continue writing about my story without going crazy.  How could I keep reliving my abuse?So I question, "Why AM I still writing?  Should I stop?"...more
I for one am glad you continue blogging about this subject. People do need to know it ...more

Why is Chris Brown on DWTS?

I love Dancing with the Stars.  I watch every week and text my aunt who our favorites are and sing along and cha cha around my living room like nobody's business.  But this week - right now as I write this - Chris Brown is performing and I'm beyond dismayed with the show.  How the producers try to market this as a "family show" and simultaneously promote a singer who took out his rage problem's on his girlfriend's face is beyond me....more

No Doily or Coffee Table in My Home

Truths from the ChaosToday I am back in the place where I attended third through tenth grade. It's hard to believe I have been back for two years and five months, but this process is taking much longer than any of us expected. Thankfully I have been able to maintain a comfortable level of privacy (hiding) during all of *this*.  ...more
 @SabrinaBlogs  I have been looking for this comment for the past 2 days girl!  The notification ...more

Guilt and Shame: The Vicious and Escalating Cycle

To read my complete blog: www.imarriedasociopath.blogspot.com I left childhood with a great deal of guilt and shame. I was abused as a child and my experience never validated. Adults involved decided to handle things within the family and not expose the perpetrators, though they abused me and my female cousins in much the same way. The situation and the aftermath were handled despicably....more

Let's Report on Shaima AlAwadi Without Saying Honor Killing or Hate Crime

An uncharacteristic apathy washed over me when I heard the news of an American Muslim woman murdered in El Cajon, California last month. Thirty two year old Shaima AlAwadi was found bludgeoned to death in her home, with a note calling her a terrorist laying next to her. Recently discovered court documents indicating that AlAwadi was filing for divorce are now leading the media to suggest that her assailant may have been a family member thus rendering her another casualty in a phenomenon that is on the rise in North America called "honor killings" that are supposedly on the rise because of the higher numbers of immigrant Muslim communities in North America....more
Ms Khan, could we possibly ask you to first allow the police to complete their investigation of ...more

His Name Was John

*Sorry about any spelling errors. I didn't want to read back what I've written.Not long after I turned 18 I was out on my own and not even close to being financially prepared despite the 2 jobs I was working at the time. I was working whatever temp jobs I could get and on one of them I met this guy. I wasn't going to give his real name but fuck it. His name was John and he was a writer, most of what he wrote was poetry....more

3 Out Of 4

It's estimated that three out of four female murder victims are killed by their significant other.  That means 75% are murdered by the very men who claim to love them.I am a survivor of domestic abuse.  Every time I look in the mirror, I see the two inch scar on my face as an ever-present reminder of just how much love can hurt.  And I was a lucky one...I got out alive....more
 @Kraken Thanks, honey!!  The scars are thick, but not insurmountable.  You learn to live with ...more

Until death do us part: I wish my story were over

Please view my complete blog at www.imarriedasociopath.blogspot.com I don’t understand this, though; writings from victims of sociopaths all say the same thing: they cannot and will not move on. They could remarry, have other children, move to another country and still…..they remain fanatical about a relationship long gone. They behave and talk in a way that appears the relationship continues....more

Negotiating with a Sociopath: The Submission Principle

For my entire blog: www.imarriedasociopath.blogspot.com “Death doesn’t come until the end of my guests’ visits here, after I’ve grown weary of them. It’s always so fascinating to see their disappointment.” “Disappointment?” “Exactly. Disappointment. They imagine that if they please me, they’ll live. They adapt to my rules....more

Close the SHADES!!